Sunday, February 6, 2011

January 2011 Favorites – What’s old is new

I'm back online! After a month of no internet/phone because of horrible AT&T customer service, a competent tech finally came out and fixed everything. However, I'm still extremely disgruntled at AT&T for the 40 or so hours of my time wasted, lies, and just general incompetency. Just say no to AT&T!

The month of January was largely spent 10-panning, so I don't have a lot of “new” favorites to start out the New Year. Instead, I went back to basics and fell in love with some of my “old” favorites that had somehow fallen by the wayside. 

1. Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Hand Crème – this is Holy Grail for hands. I’ve gone through a couple tubs of this hand crème in the past. In January my hands got really dry to the point where they were painful and lotion is futile. Fortunately I found a mini-tub of Almond Milk Hand Crème in my fridge, and it is the only thing that healed the skin on my hands. I will never go a winter without this again! I think the wax in really seals in the moisture so you don’t feel dry after just a few minutes like with conventional hand lotions. And I find the almond smell divine.
2. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black- this has been my favorite liner forever. It’s way more intense and long lasting than pencil. I think there are other good gel liners out there (MAC, Smashbox), but I haven’t used them so I can’t compare. I still have to use primer underneath because my eyelid rubs against the lashline frequently, but I doubt most people have that problem.
3. Avalon Organics Vitamin C facial serum- This is a serum that brightens and evens out skin tone over time. I cannot offer proof, but I think this really works for me and feels good going on. I don’t think I’m alone--- you can see another positive review by Strawberry Mochi. You can find it in Targets, drugstores, and the like.
4. Orly Sheer Peche Nail Polish- lovely clean and sheer peachy pink tinted nail color with nearly invisible shimmer. Reviewed here. I really love natural looking nails lately.
5. LUSH Bon Bon Lip Scrub- My new must-have. It scrubs away the dry skin with sugar and lemony oils. This was limited edition for winter, but there are other flavors available year-round. Scrubbing away the dry skin not only looks better, it keeps my lips more hydrated since the dry flakes aren’t wicking away moisture. It’s a tad expensive considering it’s mostly castor sugar, and I bet you could make your own on the cheap with the sugar and a few drops of oil.
6. Bobbi Brown Warm Eyeshadow Palette- still a favorite like it was last month. I love the natural colors.
7. LUSH Snowcake soap- a creamy almond marzipan smelling soap. Reviewed here. As you can tell, I love almond smelling bath and body products.
8. NARS Deep Throat Blush- January was really a peachy blush month, hence NARS Deep throat. So far in February I’ve been favoring NARS Orgasm instead. I should really find a new favorite blush, but I’m still obsessed my NARS blushes, ever since I first tried them a few months ago.
9. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude- Still like this stuff, just like last month.
10. BUXOM Lip Gloss in Lacey- this was my first BUXOM. It’s a bright coral poppy colored gloss that is very pretty. I rediscovered this during PTP.
11. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème- Another excellent re-discovery. This is a really thick foot crème full of deeply moisturizing coconut oils. I also use it on knees and elbows to keep them looking moisturized. The only downside is you might have to wait a minute for all the oils to soak in. Just like the Almond Milk Hand Crème, this is one of the best of Burt’s Bees. 

It was really fun rediscovering my old-favorites. They were obviously favorites for a reason! Yesterday the man and I stopped at Target to pick up some windshield fluid, and I had a field day ogling the beauty section. They had one aisle with Burt’s Bees, Eco-Tools, Yes! to, and Avalon Organics products. Oh, happy day. Now I know what I’ll be getting for my next post-ten pan ‘reward’. Last time I splurged on Chanel lippies, so this time I’ll go for something more budget friendly (but equally awesome). 

Hope you enjoyed my January favorites. I’ve read a few other favorites / collection posts recently (Strawberry MochiMiss Diorista , Matryoshka Doll Beauty ); they’re always fun! Let me know if you’ve seen any other good posts, or have some personal faves to share too! 

Love, Dovey.


  1. Hi Dovey and Baby Bird! Thanks for your prayers. I'm trying to get better, I promise. I did show my teeth to my new sister today and mom was so happy!!!

  2. I loooove that Burt's Bees hand cream, its my favorite too! Rediscovering old favorites has been the best part of my Project 10 Pan :-)

  3. I wish that they would sell NARS in Iceland... I want those blushes so bad! Nice post by the way, and thanks for linking to mine :)

  4. Hi Twix, I'm rooting for you! It makes me happy to hear about you and your sister!

    Olga--- isn't it really the best? I ran out thanks to 10-pan, so now I'm really missing it o_O

    Guoren- I love your comments about Iceland--- I can't believe there's no NARS!

  5. Most of these products are on my whish list; especially Nars blushes! I was looking at some of them at Sephora yesterday but I couldn't bring myself to spend the $30+ on one blush. One day I know I will cave!
    I have to say- "deep throat" as a name for a blush is a little disturbing to me! LOL!
    All telecommunications companies are equally horrible in my opinion... it's always so frustrating especially when they outsource their tech support department to India!

  6. Hi Tasha--- I do agree... I find the name a bit icky still, but mostly I've been desensitized at this point! I can't believe they cost that much more in Canada. Outrageous!!

  7. Oh my god, what a sucky situation with your internet!! I hope they comped you for like a month or so's worth of lost service! I had a similar issue with Time Warner, it took two techs to fix my problem, which turned out to be fairly simple.

    I love the Bon Bon scrub too! And that BB palette looks great for everyday wear. I'm going to check out that Avalon Organics product you mentioned, since I'm using a Clinique one for similar reasons and it's just not working for me.

  8. The Almond Milk Hand Creme sounds great - I think I will look for it this weekend. Nars Deep Throat blush is a long-time favorite of mine! :)


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