Monday, February 28, 2011

Katy Perry's "Not Like the Movies": Bad song, good polish

OPI Not like the movies looks like bottled Tahitian Pearls! Really beautiful. It seems a little unfitting that it's a part of the Katy Perry collection; if you ask me, this should belong in a Pirates of the Caribbean collection  (black pearl, anyone?)! Depending on the light, the polish is grey with varying amounts of pink and green flashes. I think you can see some of that in the picture below. This is a sunlight photo, so my nails are washed out, but the bottle shows nice duochrome. At night it seems more grey, in daytime it seems more iridescent pink. I don't really see much of the green on the nails.

 All in all, really pretty, these pictures don't really do it justice. For some reason, it's looking sheer (at two coats) in these pictures, however in real life it looks more opaque to me. Perhaps the shimmer, which is less evident in photos covers up the actual sheerness.

When I first put on Not Like the Movies, I was struck by the familiarity of the strong iridescent pink with fine silver shimmer. It was just like OPI Pearl of Wisdom from last year's Hong Kong collection. Both look a lot less pink in the bottle, however on the nails there's the exact same strong pink iridescence.

Here's a picture of Pearl of Wisdom and Not like the movies side by side. My photos don't capture the pink iridescence well, but believe me it's there! And it's the same! NLTM is POW with a greyed base. I'm now totally convinced that NLTM should have been called Black Pearl... =P

And of course I had to try out Katy Perry's OPI Black Shatter on top.

Finally, some mussels I had for lunch the other day--- the natural iridescence of shells are just so pretty. They were delicious too. I didn't have any white wine on hand, only thyme and olive oil. However, they came out fine--- it's really hard to mess up mussels. Yum.

Finally, thanks again to OH MY POLISH! for gifting me the polish. More to come!

Love, Dovey

P.S. I was curious what the actual Katy Perry Not Like the Movies song sounded like. With all due respect... gahhhhhh. (Sorry if any KP fans out there). =P


  1. Wow, love the nail design! Thanks for comenting on my post. Am following your blog now!

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  3. I really loved that collection but I have so many polishes I can't buy any more! :-) It's so hard to resist all these great shades!

  4. LOL I have no idea what that song sounds like either! It's like with the Justin Beiber Collection; I couldn't care less about him as an artist but I still bought his polishes.

    I wanted to tell you that salt is very dangerous for dog's feet. I don't want to scare you but I heard it can even cause cancer in some cases... Dogs need those little boots to protect them and its not a fashion statement like some ppl tend to think. I know most dogs don't like wearing them but they get used to them after a few tries!!

  5. Penelope--- thanks =)

    Blusherine - I know the feeling x_X especially when OPI's coming out with a Pirate's themed collection this summer

    Tasha - ack! I knew that salt could hurt paws, but I'd never heard of cancer! I'm afraid Baby bird will kick off her shoes, but maybe next winter I'll invest in some shoes

  6. thanks for this post!! I also love Pearl of Wisdom and yes, NLTM sounds like a great addition.


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