Saturday, February 26, 2011

Package full o' polish from OH MY POLISH!

Today I checked my mailbox, and found package from the OH MY POLISH! giveaway!  I feel so lucky to have won, and it's doubly exciting because  OH MY POLISH!  is one of my favorite nail blog haunts. She was super sweet and even threw in a Burt's Bees kit just for me, the Burt's fanatic =). Needless to say, I was over-the-top excited, like a kid on Christmas! 

I'm gaga over everything, (and there's really so much, she was so generous), so I'll probably share more detailed pictures over the next several entries. The selection of polish is chock full of awesomeness --- with glitters, greens, and a shatter! Lately I've been buying "wearable" colors, and all these fun things fell by the wayside (especially glitter)--- so it was a much needed nail energizer. Among the colors are Essie Lilacism and Incognito (love) and colors from the OPI Katy Perry collection. Now, I've never been a huge fan of Katy Perry's music, but her taste in polish is ... just awesome. And this collection looks even better in person. I haven't even tried the other polishes on, but I already know I need to find the blue glitter Last Friday Night. 

After much deliberation, I decided to wear China Glaze Zombie Zest! The name is pretty gross (Halloween), however it's such a fun color--- a golden moss green sparkle. It's actually a really wearable color that in a sense is almost neutral. The warm gold tones make it really flattering on my skin. Only two coats required, which makes me happy. I'm not sure why I don't own more China glaze, because this one's great!

So that's all for today, but the other colors will definitely be debuting soon!  OH MY POLISH! is already so popular that most have probably already visited before, however I do recommend it if you haven't. I really love her perfect (short-ish, yay!) nails, and her selections are always up my alley. 

Hope your Saturdays are relaxing and going well--- I think I'm going to spend mine catching up on some much needed cooking and cleaning projects!

Love, a glitter-crazed-Dovey


  1. Oh my! Congratulations, I'm coming over ;)

  2. How exciting!! I especially like the dark blue OPI one at the center!

  3. YAY! so glad you enjoyed the goodies! Thank you for always being so sweet!

    Zombie zest looks greatttt on you! can't wait to see more :)

  4. That is amazing! Enjoy all of your goodies ;)


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