Saturday, March 26, 2011

A quick Teenage Dream (OPI) swatch

 Right now I shouldn't be here. I should be frantically working on my presentation. However, I just can't stay away, so I snapped a few quick pictures this sunny Saturday morning to share. I've been in a really pink-polish mood lately, so I thought I'd share OPI Teenage Dream from Katy Perry's Collection. I won it from an Oh My Polish! giveaway (see awesome winnings here). It's an uber glittery pink glitter polish with a sheer medium pink base. I really like the effect of having a tinted pink base, it really adds to the pink effect of the polish on my nails. The glitter is all different sizes and is a lot more bling in person than in my photos / swatches! Dry time is fast, which is always good.

Conclusion: this polish is great when I want to O.D. on girliness (sans tutu).

In terms of makeup and polish, I'm really digging cool and neutral pinks lately. When I'm finished my presentation, I think I'll probably be posting a series of mostly pink polish. To be frank, I wasn't really in the mood for OPI teenage dream today, and I took it off and instead applied OPI Isn't that precious? instead. Isn't that precious is a sheer cool pink from OPI Softshades 2010. I have all four bottles in the collection, but have yet to swatch them because the nuances in color are so difficult to capture! That'll be my next polish project. In terms of newer OPI collections, I'm still lemming the sorbet colors from OPI texas, and I can't wait for the launch of the pirates collection, especially skull and glossbones =D. 

Anyhow, trabajo ahora...

Love, Dovey

P.S. OPI animal cruelty info: Still OK'd by PETA. However $ still goes to animal tester Coty.


  1. I absolutely love this polish, I have a mini bottle of it :)

  2. wow, such a fun shade! Love the cute sparkles!

  3. I love OPI polishes, I wish they weren't so expensive, I think they have the prettiest range ever!

  4. Guoren- yay! Girly girls unite!

    Penelope- thanks, I think it's fun too-- although I don't know if I'm too old for this =P

    Blusherine- Agreed--- they're probably much more pricey out of the states!

  5. This is adorable on you!

  6. Good luck on your presentation!

    That's very pretty shade, perfect for spring!

  7. Just wanted to let you know that you won in my giveaway from Berlin! Congratulations! Please e-mail me your shipping information within 3 days so that I can ship the eyeshadows to you ;)

  8. Tasha & MD - Thanks girls!!

    Guorun - contacting you now =)


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