Friday, March 4, 2011

a SOPI nude, sequins, and some food

This morning I wore my favorite super-soft sequined J.Crew T-shirt, and I thought  Sephora by OPI Going Nude Eh? would be the perfect soft-neutral to wear with it.

I've been painting my nails in the mornings now. I just think they just look more fresh that way, and I really hate the feeling of wearing polish for prolonged periods of time, so it's really nice to apply, then take off before I go to bed. Going Nude Eh? is a polish I wrote about a while ago. It's like a latte--- with a lot of extra milk added. Although it's a neutral, I think it's a tricky color for me to wear. In some lights (incandescent) it looks awesome and chic, however in fluorescent light, not so good. I think this may be because winter makes my skin take on unflattering pink and green tones.

When I got home, I tried adding a top coat of SOPI Only gold for me (see swatch) on top, just for fun.

And finally the deeeee-licious brunch my fiance brought for me this morning before I went to work! He worked the night shift, so he stopped by one of our favorite brunch places and brought home three different kinds of french toast. Super yum!

TGIF everyone!

Love, Dovey


  1. I LOVE that polish on you! Judging from the pics, it looks super flattering.
    I have been craving french toast for the past week (don't ask me why; I just get weird cravings all the time!) and I think you just sent me overboard...

  2. Tasha--- hehe, one doesn't need a reason to crave french toast!

    GothamPolish - thanks =)


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