Sunday, August 28, 2011

My makeup tray

         On my counter I have a small tray that I use as a catch-all for cosmetic odds and ends. I keep products I reach for frequently on this tray. I also keep small sample sizes that I plan on using. This way I will remember to use them.

         I hope you enjoyed my brief photo entry. After showing you sleek lipstick stash photos, I thought I should show you some of my clutter to balance things out. Do you keep odds and ends on a tray too? Are they lucite, mirrored, or just homey like mine?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Dovey.


  1. This is beautiful and I don't know if you have arranged it this way or not. I used to have a silver tray when I had more counter space (and a vanity). I am going to investigate the possibilities for getting a new vanity. After I saw your post, it's time.....


  2. so asthetically pleasing! all black and white...very classy. i have a tray but it mostly hold my foundations and brushes...i need to be more organized haha.

  3. i love ur photos!!!!! I keep all my go to items in a plastic case from the container store! I actually have a planned blog post about it! Will need to post soon, but i LOVE seeing how others organize their set up! Love the brushes, they seem so orderly!

  4. That's so pretty how you edited the photos to black and white with a spot of color :) I need some pretty trays myself! My makeup is all over our guest room in makeup bags and it's kind of crazy when I need to find something.

  5. Mine is just thrown around on my bathroom counter. I am so lucky that I have my own bathroom otherwise, I'd drive my husband nuts.

    He made me a makeup tray a while back, I should really get around to posting about it.

  6. Love how you've edited the photos! My odds and ends are nowhere near as organised and tidy as yours. I tend to keep all of mine in drawers, so the clutter is hidden away :)

  7. For a second I thought the apple was real haha.. me too, I found some beautiful trays by Anna Sui and I use them to store my odds and ends.

  8. For a second I thought the apple was real haha.. me too, I found some beautiful trays by Anna Sui and I use them to store my odds and ends.

  9. I don't have a vanity, but I put some of my unused nail polish in my bookcase so I remember to use them lol! I always put my pretty ones (like the Chanel ones) on display there. I feel like such a goof, but I love nail polish so :P What are the little cupcake looking things?

  10. Hi Meredith - I admit, I did neaten a little bit. Sometimes it can get more chaotic despite my best intentions. A silver tray sounds so feminine and pretty!

    Kellyyes- ah, well I have separate containers for my brushes =)

    Lilladylife- Ooo, I love organization posts too. I'm looking forward to yours!

    Sarah - A larger storage unit sounds like it would be nice =)

    Lexi - LOL! that is pretty awesome. Mr Lovey gave me the larger counter in our bathroom. That helps. A lot!

    Nat- Hidden clutter is good clutter =P

    Rei - I think I've seen some of your trays. They're gorgeous! I would love to have silver ones someday.

    Tasha- On display is the best way to get remember things. And a Chanel collection certainly deserves to be on display!! The cupcakes are lip glosses. They were a cute gift from a friend

  11. I put all my frequently used products on a homely tray too!

    yours looks lovely and so neat!

  12. Excellent organization! I don't have a tray, but I have a wide, shallow basket for my most-used products. Otherwise my stuff sits in wide, shallow drawers. It makes it easy to see everything at one glance because nothing is stacked on top of each other, and I end up using things more often that would, otherwise, be out of sight and out of mind!

  13. Penelope- yay! I'm a fan of homey.

    Zuzu- I agree shallow is key. Once it gets too tall, it might as well be out of sight and out of mind!


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