Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Window shopping

          Last week I took a stroll around the mall with my mother. I'd already satiated my shopping desires through purchases earlier in the week so it ended up being more of a window shopping trip. I thought I'd share some phone pics that I snapped up of pretty things that caught my eye.

Above: I didn't know Chanel made plastic flip flops, but I guess why not?
Below: I admired the lamps at this cushy Chanel counter (amongst other things). 


 I passed by a Mackenzie-Childs display where this colorful floral explosion of a sofa caught my eye.

          I made sure to sniff some Jo Malone testers. I've been wanting to try one after seeing them on Lil Lady's Life and Beauty Look Book. I liked Grapefruit and Nectarine and Honey. French Lime blossom was nice, but a bit too floral for me (I lack the correct specific descriptors). Vanilla and Anise had nice notes of vanilla, but was a bit too spicy. I think it might be nice to layer it in very small quantities. I would have tried more had I had the chance to sniff in peace, however I was intimidated by looming sales associates and scurried away!

There was a whole table devoted to Chanel fragrances.

There were many pretty jeweled partridges in golden trees.

 I was sucked in by the shine, glass, and color of the Tory Burch storefront.

The over-sized metal sparkles in the Burberry window were quite festive.

I love the minimalist aesethetic of Max Mara. So much space, so few coats.

My favorite find was an embedded pocket display at the Cole Haan store. I love the crystalline gold and silver flats paired with the leopard bag. Wouldn't they look nice paired with one of the above coats? Speaking of which, I found a nice leopard bag for myself recently, which I'm excited about.

          Thanks for reading! What displays catch your eye?

Love, Dovey.


  1. Love those flats! Wow! There's a Jo Malone counter at my Bloomingdale's, and I'm aaaaalways intimidated by looming sales associates! It always seems to be empty - I wonder why!

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  3. I love Jo Malone's new line, Jo Loves - they are heavenly! Thanks for sharing your window shopping experiences - very festive!

  4. I really want to try Jo Malone fragrances too! I've only heard good things!

  5. Those flats are amazingly adorable! I'm using a black and gray leopard bag... it's pretty old (nearly a year!) and I've other bags in the interim but it's just the perfect size and goes with everything... love it!

  6. Loved the window shopping pics! Looking through them = virtual window shopping for us readers :)

  7. Weirdly, Chanel makes surf boards too! Can you imagine all those anorexic fashionistas surfing on Chanel boards??

    I am now in love with those sparkly flats. I put a Pour la Victoire sparkly flats on hold and never went back to get them. Now I think it was a mistake!

  8. WOW you have some nice stores in your MALL!!!! Jo Malone Fragrances are really nice for layering, and it's fun getting new combinations!

  9. The SA's at Jo Malone in my local Saks are so aggressive. I know they train them to be that way but I wish management would catch on that most shoppers don't feel comfortable with hovering sales people :) I love those sparkly flats. They & the leopard bag would look great with one of the Max Mara coats!

  10. jessie- that's lucky :)

    Jamilla- I wish I could smell JoLoves! I'll have to see if it's on counters here yet

    Kelly- me too!

    Sarah- happy to hear that you're a fellow leopard lover too

    Ali - thank you! I'm glad you liked it!!

    Liz - Hehe! I bet you are right... someone, somewhere is out on a Chanel surfboard. I wish I could classify sparkly flats into a "staple category" so I could justify them.

    Lilladylife- I am a believer, especially after reading your reviews =)

    MM- Oh, that is interesting! I wonder why that is? Perhaps fragrance sales is more difficult? I'm dreaming of coat and flat combo as well :)

  11. I want to smell Jo Malone scents, too! They always sound so lovely!

  12. I love being taken on shopping trip with you! I love sniffing the Jo Malone fragrances, and I'm after a leopard bag too so that is super pretty!


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