Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On my mind - late night edition

        Here's a late night episode of what's on my mind. First, I'm wearing Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue eau de toilette. It's a nice warm citrus that comes off with distinct citrus notes mixed with a slightly spicy and musky base. Generally I prefer more crisp and optimistic citruses, however D&G Light blue is a nice way for me to mix things up. It's a comfortable scent that feels right when I'm settling down for the evening.

        I've gotten into the habit of giving myself evening manicures every few days. There's nothing quite relaxing like painting your nails. Tonight I took my bottle of Butter London Pink Ribbon on its maiden manicure. Pink Ribbon is a light sheer pink. I've become quite obsessed with sheer and pale pink polishes lately. They make one feel polished (if I may say so).

         Finally, I know I'll be sleeping well tonight because I know I've found a good foundation routine for the coming days. I've been feeling a little off with my colors and finishes lately (though Chanel Perfection Lumiere has been a good go-to). Today I had the brilliant idea to mix one squirt of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B10 with one squirt of B20. I loved the result. It was a great color match. I really must be between colors at this point. I remembered how much I like the feel and finish of Chanel Vitluamiere Aqua. It's glowy and comfortable. I like to think of it as a slightly more pigmented version of a tinted moisturizer. My skin's been good lately, so this is the way to go.

       Thanks for reading! Do late night makeup thoughts pop into your head too? Are you a foundation mixer? This is the first time I've done it!

Love, Dovey.


  1. I generally don't mix my foundations either, but it's something I should definitely explore more! x

  2. Well, before Hawaii I was between B10 and B20. Now, I'm definitely a B20!!

  3. Not so much of a foundation mixer but I do love adding highlighting creams into my foundation.

    I actually plan my makeup the night before like one would plan an outfit. The thing that sucks is that I usually change my mind once I look into the bathroom mirror right before I get ready!

  4. I often have random makeup thoughts late at night, haha. I want to try Light Blue, too. And I wish I could give myself late night manicures, but I don't have the patience for them to dry before I fall asleep!

  5. i love light blue! i dont own it but i hopefully will soon. i always spray myself in dept stores haha. i have been in a color matching rut as well, ive been mixing a couple of my foundations to battle this :)

  6. Until recently I couldn't mix foundations because I would have one at a time! Now Vivianna Does Makeup has made me want to collect a bit... I could mix, but I haven't had to so far. B30 in Perfection Lumiere is pretty dead-on :)

  7. Rocaille - I'm glad I tried it out--- I think it makes sense when colors are feeling ofF!

    Jamilla- Haha, I bet I would turn B30 if I ever went to Hawaii!

    Lexi- agreed -- I 'm a serial change my mind-er. I don't even bother with planning usually--- I just stick out the palettes I'm trying to use.

    Larie- I definitely recommend sniffing light blue next time you're in store. It seems like something that would appeal to many! As for painting nails-- me too. I make sure I'm done EVERYTHING except maybe computer stuff before doing them! TV watching is also a good time.

    Kelly- ah, you're a veteran mixer! :) You do seem like you'd be a light blue kind of person (if that makes any sense)

    Sarah - me too. I didn't have enough to mix until more recently, and even then I'm not comfortable mixing across brands yet! However if B30 is a perfect match, there's no need to mess with perfection!

  8. I've grown to like the D&G scent too~ (got my sample from Sephora..heh). I tend to not like musky scents, but I find this one to be lighter~

    Ooh, I've been kind of attractive to light pink polishes as well~ it's like they make your nails pop even without any color.

    Yay for mixing!!!! I don't actually own foundation...but I do sometimes mix my BB cream with moisturizer. ^^

  9. I love this scent! :) I smelled it before and it's nice!

  10. I mix foundations all the time! Especially in the summer when I am a shade darker. I reserve the mixing for that time usually ;)

  11. Tiffyama and RD&L - thanks for your comments ladies! I'm glad you like D&G and foundation mixing as well :)

  12. LOL - I also give myself nighttime manicures...


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