Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Bird - Living on the Edge

Hi furriends, Mom finally had time to help me write another entry. I hope you like it!

My name is Baby Bird, and I like to live on the edge. Here you can see me walking on the edge of the sidewalk, nearest to the grass.

Although sometimes I like to walk down the middle of the pavement too.

Cities are always full of tuff folks who won't say hi. Kind of like these guys here.

Some guy who thinks he's tuff wrote something on the park bench. Unfortunately I can't read his handwriting.
Maybe he should have spent more time in school to work on his ABCs.

Cities are full of signs. Sometimes they are in confusing places.

Well that's all for today. As you can see, I am always living on the edge. I hope you have an exciting day today too!

Peace and Paws,
Baby Bird

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  1. Hi Baby Bird! thanks for writing!

  2. omg sooooo cute


    giri giri de itsumo ikiteru <- always living on edge

    lol......i couldn't resist


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