Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rumple's Wiggin and a really old cactus


Hope you're having a good Saturday. Here's a swatch of OPI's Rumple's Wiggin from the Shrek Collection. I actually haven't seen Shrek III (?) yet. Maybe it'll come out on DVD soon and I can Netflix it. I got this polish in a giveaway from Katie at My Lips But Better =).

The old succulent (not a cactus) in the background is a called a zebra plant (Haworthia). The plant is native to South Africa. I propagated this particular plant from another zebra plant that is still at my parents house. I got the original plant at least ten years ago from Home Depot. At one point, I broke it off from it's entire root, and it still survived. Tough plant. I like it! In one of my pictures, you can see this long squiggly line emanating from the plant. That's a dried version of its flower stem. Cool, right?

Happy Saturday!

Love in the dove,


  1. ahhh succulents!!

    fufufu they are so cute :)

    I have an orchid in my apt but it's totally dying and i dunno what to do! And it's supposed to be the easy to take care of type

  2. Oh no! dying orchid!! Maybe you are watering it too much? I think they are only supposed to be watered once a week. And no direct sunlight!

  3. i like plant!!!!!

    i miss my aloe plant from college. :( it helped me when i got cuts and burns. it's now flourishing at home :) i don't think any plant could survive in my apartment here. no sun and way too cold DDD:


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