Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rumple's Wiggin and a really old cactus


Hope you're having a good Saturday. Here's a swatch of OPI's Rumple's Wiggin from the Shrek Collection. I actually haven't seen Shrek III (?) yet. Maybe it'll come out on DVD soon and I can Netflix it. I got this polish in a giveaway from Katie at My Lips But Better =).

The old succulent (not a cactus) in the background is a called a zebra plant (Haworthia). The plant is native to South Africa. I propagated this particular plant from another zebra plant that is still at my parents house. I got the original plant at least ten years ago from Home Depot. At one point, I broke it off from it's entire root, and it still survived. Tough plant. I like it! In one of my pictures, you can see this long squiggly line emanating from the plant. That's a dried version of its flower stem. Cool, right?

Happy Saturday!

Love in the dove,

Monday, September 6, 2010

Skincare Sunday: How much soap does one face need?

I was cleaning my bathroom the other day and noticed that I had not one, not two, but three facial soaps or scrubs sitting on my counter! And then I remembered I had two more sitting in the fridge, not to mention some trial size goodies. Is this normal? Does this sort of accumulation happen to you?

Before I make myself look like some sort of crazy hoarder (which maybe I am), two of them were gifts from my mom from a while back (gratefully used), and the Fresh Soy cleanser was a full-sized freebie I received from Sephora (due to a lucky mistake). I think on weekends, I'll do quick reviews of my face soaps. I really love all of these guys--- they're all at least 1/3 used, except the newest Fresh Soy.

In terms of life, I hope you're having a good labor day weekend! A friend offered to drive to the outlets, so I of course tagged along in her car. All I have to say about outlets, is that people go crazy for Coach. We got there before the stores opened and noticed a line set up outside the door. It was only several people there when the doors opened, so I popped in a few person line to see what the commotion was about --- apparently they had 20% off entire store coupons being handed out to everyone. I don't know why they felt the need to hand them out. Couldn't they just deduct at the register? Waste of trees! I saw some keychains I liked, but decided to come back later. Unfortunately, later never really happened, because the line became like 20 or so people long. As much as I wanted a cupcake or grasshopper keychain, it wasn't worth making my friends wait. Sad. I'll get one sometime, without that crazy line! Have you ever seen this sort of production on sale days? Lines outside stores? It's mind boggling.

That said, I had a good experience in other outlet stores without lines--- got a couple really cute accessories and some other things.

Hope your weekend is a happy one!

Happy Labor Day.

Love in the dove,