Saturday, June 18, 2011

NARS copacabana multiple

After toasting myself in the summer sun on my little porch, I've retreated to the nice cool indoors. There's something about sun, then AC that feels so good. Don't worry... I had my sun hat on; I'm not a proponent of tanning for the sake of tanning. I just love being outdoors when the weather is nice.  In fact, I'd prefer to stay the same color year round, however I tan so easily that this is not possible! Today I have a review and photos of my NARS Copacabana multiple that I got as part of the Nordstrom Exclusive NARS Cheek Kit reviewed previously.

NARS multiples are touted as being wearable on eyes, lips, and cheeks, although most of us agree that this is a bit fanciful thinking. However, there is a legend as to how the multiple was conceived which you can read on the NARS website. In a 1996 Harper's Bazaar feature, six top makeup artists each showcased one look. Francois NARS used only one product, Tangier lipstick on eyes, lips, and cheeks. It was titled "NARS Brown Out." Customers started trying to recreate this look, however lipstick is not the best texture for all those situations, hence Nars created the multiple. I thought this background story put the multiple in perspective.

NARS Copacabana is the lightest of the multiples. It's a cream-product that comes in a twist up tube. Despite being a cream, I find that when applied it gives a cream-to-powder type finish which does not feel oily at all on my skin. I like to use my fingers to apply it on my cheekbones, nose bridge, and underneath my eyebrow arch. I can't imagine applying this directly to my face, it would be too much.

I know people complain about the lasting power. I think it will last a shorter period of time than a comparable powder highlighter, however I have noticed that some is present by the end of the day. The lasting power is likely depending on what type of skin you have and how much foundation or powder you have underneath. I have combination skin, hence my cheeks aren't terribly oily, so it seems to last long enough for me. I also wear foundation underneath, but not powder, which definitely helps. If I apply the multiple or NARS illuminators without foundation, the lasting time is significantly less. I've heard some people set the multiple with powder, but this seems like overkill to me. Sometimes I think adding powder on top of cream might make it heavier, hold more oil from your skin, and become more prone to sliding. But that's just my opinion.

On to pictures.

When seen in stick form, Copacabana has a light golden-taupey base with some silvery glow. I think my pictures are fairly accurate, although those of you that have seen it in person would say it is lighter. The reason it looks lighter in person is because the shimmer reflects the light, hence giving it a lighter appearance.

When swatched, the base color sheers out. It is barely perceptible as you can see below. However the presence of a little golden-taupe makes the silvery sheen very wearable. Bravo! This gives me a really nice glow when I apply with my fingers. This product would look most natural on lighter skin regardless of tone.  I've found that as I tan more, it becomes more evident (obviously), though it still looks very pretty. The effect is just different: glow vs. highlight for lighter and darker, respectively.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Copacabana multiple, and it's a finishing part of my everyday summer face routine. I think the stick will last me a really long time, as I use my fingers to apply. If you're applying the stick directly to the face (which I don't recommend) then yes, it will not last very long. I do think that around $40 it's a bit much, but not completely unreasonable since it's more product than their pan cream blushes. I plan on purchasing NARS Luxor multiple, which is a light iridescent pink, the next time Sephora has a sale.

So, that's that. I have to go to an office party with Mr. Lovey later tonight, so I think I'll drink some water, take a nap, and hope that my outdoor shenanigans didn't tan me darker than my foundation! Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any favorite multiples, or love/hate stories with cream blushes and highlighters. Or whatever! I hope you're enjoying your weekends, wherever you may be.

Love, Dovey.


  1. I have this one as well! I use it more in the cooler months than in the summer. I agree with you about the lasting power. My cheeks are on the dry side so it seems to just fine on me.

  2. mmm i really want this multiple. it looks so shimmery and pretty but not too glittery. just glowy goodness!

  3. very nice review i am debating btw the copacabana multiple and the new illuminators. Thanks for delving into these details!

  4. I've been DYING for this multiple! Once something shows up on your blog I always feel like I need it ...

    I think the formulation of this would just plain work better for me than the Copacabana illuminator!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. What a gorgeous swatch of this blusher/bronzer!!! :) I have to go check it out in person! I love how you sit outside and enjoy the weather :) I do that too !

  6. Thanks for the review! I'm going to do a FOTD with it next week...

  7. I'd love to try, and the swatches look great:)

    I really like your beauty blog!

    Kind wishes,

  8. I wish I got on better with his cream products- but it does look stunning against your skin. Hope you had a marvelous time out with Mr. Lovey (how cute is that???).

  9. productdoctor- I'm glad you agree about the staying power! I hope I continue to use this into the winter as well.

    kellyyes- it is really glowy goodness!

    Lilladylife- I'm planning on getting the illuminator as well; I tried it once and it's quite wearable on me (no strange high-beam effect).

    Jessica- thanks for the sweet comment! I can't wait to get my hands on the illuminator version so I can compare.

    Rain Days- Nothing wrong with a little sun, right?

    Jamilla- Can't wait--- I'll definitely be looking forward to that!

    Antonia- Thanks!

    MM- Thanks for the compliment! I did have a surprisingly good time, actually. I never thought cream products would work for me, however I've been pleasantly surprised =)

  10. I really like your blog! Thanks for the swatches ;)

  11. where do you apply on your nose bridge?

    Anyways I just wanted to say that as kids my mom had put lipstick on cheeks to pretend it's rouge..... and I think i put it on my eyelid too..... we inadvertently tried to create NARS' look lol

  12. CollegeCurl- Thanks!

    ZZ- Just run my finger down the tallest part (ie bridge of my nose!). It supposedly makes it look thinner/more streamlined. And LOL on the lipstick! You must have been a makeup genius from an early age =P

  13. oooh.... it's a highlighting color!
    Also you can put a darker blush/light brown along the sides of your nose as a shadow effect and make your nose seem taller and straight!

    Yes yes clearly I'm a makeup genius..... I'll let you know if i come up with something new :P

  14. I have this multiple too, and really love it. Thanks for sharing the legend on how the multiple was conceived!

  15. I like The Multiple in G-spot for the eyes and cheeks.


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