Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Lip Gloss Lovin'

Left to Right: Chanel Glossimer in Nakkar, Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Rosy, Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Petal, NARS Lip Gloss in Greek Holiday, Estee Lauder High Gloss in Rose, Buxom Lip Gloss in Amber
Summer is the only time I reach for gloss. Most other times in the year, glosses go on feeling moisturizing, however they soon dry down to a residue that ends up drying out my already dry lips! (If you don't know what I mean by residue, try washing gloss off your arm after swatching =P). No gloss is fine by me, since my lips are quite full and don't need an extra oomph from gloss. However, in the past week, I've been reaching for gloss, so I thought I'd swatch my collection of summery glosses. In fact, these six constitute the majority of my gloss collection! I'll make a couple notes about each below.

Swatches outdoor in sunlight.
1. Chanel Glossimer in Nakkar - My favorite gloss formula of the bunch. No odor, and not too shiny. The gloss is slippery enough and doesn't leave too much residue. I love the warm pink color.

2. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Rosy- A really pretty bright pink. Bobbi Brown formula isn't sticky, but it is thick and the applicator is with a brush. Bobbi Brown glosses are the most pigmented out of those I have; the color is noticeable. The smell is vanilla, which is nice. My only issue is that the thick gloss dries down to a thicker residue.

3. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Petal- This isn't as bright in real life. On my lips it's a nice nude pink that matches my lips well. See above for notes on formula

4. NARS Lip Gloss in Greek Holiday- A sheer champagne gloss with gold sparkles. I thought this would be way to shiny for my lips, however I was pleasantly surprised. The major downside is the strong plastic smell when you initially put it on!

5. Estee Lauder High Gloss in Rose- This color reminds me of NARS O. I haven't worn it a lot since I don't like the fruity smells of EL.

6. Buxom Lip Gloss in Amber- This light peachy gloss was my favorite last summer, as you can tell by the emptiness of the tube. I love most things about Buxom glosses, including smell (vanilla), the smooth non-sticky texture, and the fresh tingly minty feeling. The one thing I don't like is the super shine, since I don't want my already full lips to look enormous!

Overall, my favorites are the Chanel and the Buxom. I would love the Buxom most if the shine were toned down a bit, because I love the minty feeling. Hopefully I'll get a lot of use out of these glosses this summer, because the colors are really pretty and I'd hate for them to go to waste!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post! Do any of you feel the same way about gloss? Or are you year-round gloss fiends? Any favorite formulas?

Love, Dovey.


  1. Nakar and Rosy are lovely and look alike.

  2. the first two glosses seem similar! they are both beautiful. the warm pink definitely screams summer.

  3. I love Chanel glosses also! They have decent lasting power. Do you usually wear glosses alone or on top of lipstick?

  4. Sorry forgot to tell you I passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you!

  5. I love Chanel glosses too!! the Buxom ones are great too! I had one tingly one once :p My most favorite are Estee Lauder glosses because they smell lovely and are silky!

  6. I have NARS Greek Holiday as well but you are probably not surprised by that. I bought Amber while vacationing in Spain about three years ago. I don't really like the tingle feeling because it's borderline burning but I can't bring myself to throw the bottle away for sentimental reasons. And I have been wanting that Chanel Glossimer Nakkar. The Glossimer I love and almost finished is Waterlilly are you familiar with it? It's a love delicate pink with gold shimmer. The one gloss I just started wearing that i love for summer is Laura Mercier's Lip Glace in Ambre Rose - reddish copper. I love just throwing it on with no makeup, well other than having brows on my face!

  7. That is a great selection of summer glosses! I absolutely love Nakkar, it's such a pretty color, and it wears beautifully, as do all of the Chanel Glossimers! =)

    Andrée xx

  8. I really want to try Bobbi Brown products! So, I think i'll start with this lip gloss ;) Thanks for the post, dear!
    would love if you visited ;)

  9. BEAUTIFUL selection. I've never given much thought to Greek Holiday, but it looks gorgeous for the summer months!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. BEAUTIFUL selection. I've never given much thought to Greek Holiday, but it looks gorgeous for the summer months!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. I have don't have Chanel Nakkar but something similar in the Chanel family, you can't go wrong with Chanel and lip gloss that is for sure! Summer lovin had me a blast....:) I love Grease too (hence my blog's name).

  12. Thanks everyone for your very nice comments!

    JC- agreed, however in person rosy is a cooler pink.

    kellyyes- Nakkar is really great for summer, despite being a spring product!

    productdoctor- thanks for the VBA! I hope I have time to tackle that! I usually wear my glossimers alone because I'm a lip color purist--- I hate to mix things! =P

    Rainy Days and Lattes- perhaps I should give the EL gloss a go; I've been neglecting it badly!

    Lexi- no, I'm not surprised you have Greek Holiday =P. My friend also told me the tingly feeling was borderline burning for her too; I guess it depends on the person! I love mint in my glosses or lip balms! I definitely have some sentimental makeup too that I just can't toss!

    Straight Up Glam- I know, I'm trying to keep myself away from the rest of the Glossimers!!

    CollegeCurl- Thanks! I would give them a go, BBs are really nice.

    Jessica- Thanks for your nice comment! I wouldn't have thought of Greek Holiday either, had I not got it as a GWP!

    HDTM- LOL on Grease =P!!!!

  13. Lovely swatches! Nakkar and Rosy both look really pretty. I haven't tried any BB lip products for quite a while because I found the brush applicator in the glosses really annoying. Will have to check out some of the shades again now the applicator's been changed.

  14. Beautiful collection! Those are my kind of colors! I love BUXOM glosses as well. They are among some of my most favorites- I adore the tingle and the plushness of them. Great post! xx

  15. Nat- I agree, I like doe-foot!

    Makeup Merriment- Tingle and plushness are great adjectives to describe buxom =)


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