Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NARS Luxor Multiple

           By popular demand, I'm finally posting my review of the NARS Luxor Multiple. I've been dragging my feet because scraping up ideas for this entry was a bit challenging. After my last post, I was encouraged by many of your comments to just do it!

          I love the name, NARS Luxor. The Luxor pyramid  is an unexpected sleek black monument on the LasVegas strip. It's minimalist, yet very Vegas. NARS Luxor is a demure pale pink, but it has a cool iridescence that gives it a flashy vibe. Like all the multiples, Luxor is a cream product in a swivel stick. It has a cream to powder formulation. This means it goes on like a cream, but the finish is like a powder. A complaint that people have concerning multiples is the lasting power of the product. I don't find this to a huge problem for me with Luxor or Copacabana. I'm use these products to highlight, so they are subtle to begin with. By the end of the workday I can still see highlighting left. I apply over foundation and powder; this likely factors into lasting power. Direct face application would be short lived. Application in an oilier location without powder underneath can result in miniscule liquid-like pools that aren't ideal. That happened to me once when I wasn't using powder and applied it to brighten my under-eye area. However, the problem is easily averted with a little powder.

          I normally use NARS Luxor on my upper cheekbones, brow-bone, bridge of nose, and near the inner corners of my eyes. Application is fast because I'm using just one product and no brushes. If you go to a NARS counter, they will likely apply the stick directly to your face and blend out. Sometimes it will be applied underneath your foundation then blended out. I think this is too much. It might put you in danger of oiliness or sliding. If you want to apply underneath foundation, the NARS illuminators are more suited for that purpose. I prefer to use my index finger to warm the product slightly then apply. The iridescent pink is sheer, so it looks natural in places other than the cheeks. In fact, using the same highlighter in different areas gives a more unified look to the face. Luxor might look more natural than a white highlighter for people who naturally have a hint of pink in their skin. Overall, I find the NARS Luxor multiple to be a really convenient product and pretty color on my skin.

         NARS Multiples are supposed to be used on eyes, lips, and face. I was a skeptic of this principle because it sounds pretty ridiculous. To see if it worked, I tried (at home) using Luxor on my eyelids, cheeks, and lips. The result wasn't that bad. It was an enhanced version of my natural face. Highlighting cheeks is the obvious use for Luxor, however it looked quite nice on my eyes. On my lips, it was a little too frosty for my taste. It would be best suited dabbed in the center of the lips. I doubt I'll ever use the multiple as my sole product, but I'm inspired to experiment with them more.

          I've compared NARS Luxor multiple to NARS Copacabana multiple. They are the two lightest multiples and are primarily used as highlighters. Luxor appears pink and cool-toned in the tube, while Copacabana is beige with a silvery sheen.

          In the swatches, both Luxor and Copacabana are more subtle than in their stick forms. Keep in mind that I've swatched both quite heavily to demonstrate color.  NARS Luxor looks more similar to its stick form in the swatch. The result is a light iridescent pink that looks fresh when applied. NARS Copacabana looks more silvery because the beige base has blended into my skin. The result is a more candle-lit glow.

          NARS Luxor and Copacabana are my only two multiples. I'm quite sold on the multiple experience so I'll be picking up more in the future, provided I don't find myself to sensitive to them. Maldives (pink champagne), Palm beach (warm bronze), and Laguna are high on my list. Do you have any multiples or multiple lemmings?

          I hope you enjoyed this entry! Thank you to everyone who suggested I write it. Feedback, suggestions, and requests are always welcome.

Love, Dovey


  1. Gorgeous!!!!! I can't get enough of these multiples!

  2. Dovey I want them both great swatches

  3. CONFESSION: I have no multiples! *hands head in shame* Great post!!

  4. I've never read a post about the multiples in as detailed a format, so thank you. I think I am beginning to see their appeal now! I like that these are quite subtle..will pay them more swatching attention next time I'm at a Nars stand=)

  5. Thanks for the review! I am a Copacabana girl myself!

  6. Multiples had never particularly appealed to me before but after this post about Luxor I think I'll have to add it to my wish list! xx

  7. I wish they bring back Turk and cacious!!

  8. I love pink highlighters - this looks gorgeous :) xxx

  9. Gorgeous, I need this! I am suprised because I would have thought Copacabana would appear warmer than Luxor, but I think Luxor has the warmer effect of the two. Going to Vegas in a couple of weeks, this might be a good souvenir :)

  10. Thanks so much for this post! I have a few of the warmer toned multiples and like South Beach, but this one is entirely different from what I already have, which makes me really want to try it out! :)

  11. Palm Beach is on the top my list, too! I have South Beach (use this one almost daily) and I've been getting much use of my travel sized Copacabana multiple.

    An excellent review, you challenge me in a very good way, of course!

  12. YAY i have been waiting for this!!!! i have been on the fence on getting luxor but u are pushing me!!!! i have 2 Turks and Caicos and Portofino, TC is amazing for summer and Portofino when a quick dash of color. I just use it from the stick, lasting power is ehh on me though

  13. Rd&l- me too. I'm still wanting more.

    Narscupcake- thanks!

    LauraJean- LOL! I didn't have any til recently either.

    Emma bovary- youre welcome, thanks so much for the nice comment!

    Jamilla- copacabana does suit you =P

    Summer Loren, I'm glad i was able to pique your interest!

    Kirsty, me too. I would love that!

    Daisy, me too. This is my first and I'm surprised how much it works for me.

    Sarah, my thoughts exactly. Hve fun in Vegas, that sounds awesome!!

    Makeup magpie- I'm the opposite, I need to try the armed multiples. They'd probably work really well for summer.

    Lexi- I'm a little intimidated by palm beach, but it has such great potential as a bronzer. I think it would look great on the eyes too.

    Lilladylife- yay! I'm gglad you're so enthused! Wish I had Turks and Caicos....

  14. Hi honey! I wanted to let u know that I just gave you an award! :)


  15. Thanks LauraJean, Checking it out right now!

  16. I really want to pick up Copacabans :D
    Might do so nect time I'm near the counters. Your swatches have sold me! xxx

  17. I own Luxor and I must say I love it, even though I am now an expert at using this! I would be thrilled if you could post a look or even a tutorial of you using it! I need to get some inspiration!
    Lots of love from a new follower here,

  18. Really like the looks of Luxor! I have Copacabana and love it too. Great review!!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  19. Rachel- Copacabana is worth taking a look at; I'm even thinking about getting it in illuminator form!

    Catanya- Welcome, and thanks for following! I love the idea of a tutorial. I'll try to think of a way to do so, since I normally don't do fotd type posts =)

    Jayme and Mendi- thanks for your comment =)

  20. Hello

    I just might have to break my *No more highlighter* rule and get Luxor! It looks right up my alley.

    Thank you once again for the detailed review! I enjoyed every word

  21. Thank you Jeanie! I'm really glad you enjoyed it =)

  22. Hello Dovey, I just discovered your blog today (through thebeautylookbook), absolutely loving it :-)
    Back to the topic, my favorite Nars multiple is orgasm, I prefer it more than the blush. I would love to get luxor and Copacabana, hopefully Nars will release them in the mini versions.

  23. Rei, thank you for stopping by, I'm so glad you like it! I'm surprised you prefer the multiple version of O. I completely passed on that without giving it a chance. I think I'll definitely check it out next time I'm in store =)

  24. Fantastic swatches! I need both of these now.


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