Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Butter London Toff and Chanel Graphite nail polish

          Recently I treated myself to a small nail polish haul. My fall/winter polish color collection is not extensive, and I couldn't find anything that wasn't too dark or too light that I wanted to wear. The two colors I chose were Chanel Vernis in Graphite and Butter London Toff. It is a happy coincidence that these are my first Chanel and Butter London nail polishes, respectively. Perhaps you might find this to be surprising? I love nail polish, however I've developed an extraordinary ability to resist temptation. Nail polish is the one cosmetic item that I can successfully enjoy vicariously through blogs. However, once in a while, some colors are just needed. This is where Chanel Graphite and Butter London Toff come in.

         Aside from being my first bottles from their respective brands, the color and story behind how I acquired Chanel Graphite and Butter London Toff are quite different. I've been obsessed with Chanel Graphite ever since it came out. I don't like shimmer or glitter, however Graphite was the exception. I also love greys, as you might know. I swatched it when it first came out, however I just wasn't in the mood for a sparkly wintery grey in summertime, or even early fall. However, recently it's just what I need now. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I went out and bought it. I know I'm late on the train, but that's fine with me! Butter London Toff was a color I didn't specifically plan to purchase. I had the Ulta Friends and Family coupon and figured it was my chance to buy something from Butter London. I love the idea behind the brand, however most of the Butter London color renditions just don't speak to me. I decided to pick Toff because I knew I could use a medium mauve toned color for my collection. Toff debuted as a part of the Butter London Fall/Holiday 2011 collection, so it is fitting for the season.

          I love the little detailing on the bottles. I love glossy black casing with monochrome details. Then Chanel cap and wand are of course immaculate. The Butter London wand has a dent in the bird. I've deduced this is from a point the inside of the cap. The pointer finger on the cap is a sticker decal, and isn't printed on the actual casing. Despite this, I still find the packaging charming.

          Finally here are my swatches of Butter London Toff nail polish and Chanel Vernis in Graphite. Both colors were painted on with two coats and have nice formulas. Butter London Toff is a mauve / purple rose creme polish. The rosy color in my photos and swatches looks similar to how the bottle looked in store. However at home, I find the color to be more purple and less rose. I'm wearing it now, and would say it appears considerably more purple than in my swatch. I'm not a fan of purple tones, however I find this color easy to wear for everyday use. I think I will use it a lot this season. Chanel Graphite is a silver grey glitter that seems to flash green in some lighting. It's really complex and pretty. I think Graphite fits my idea of a festive holiday color.

         I'm excited to wear both Graphite and Toff this season. Both are fun in an understated manner. I'm pretty sure these colors, along with Owl's Night will be staples for me. I'm pleased with the quality of the formula, packaging, and colors, and look forward to adding Butter London and/or Chanel sporadically to my collection in the future. Thanks for taking a peek at my nail polish haul! What are your must-have colors this season? Do you have any favorite Butter London or Chanel colors?

Love, Dovey.


  1. Greys are so beautiful and the shimmer is not overbearing either :) Graphite is so nice! I wish I owned a Butter London polish now!

  2. toff looks gorgeous! i saw this first on messy wands and already have added it to my wishlist. graphite is very pretty too, looks wonderful on your nails!

  3. I am really liking that Toff polish. I have a love/hate relationship w/Chanel polishes. Color are awesome but I'm lucky if the color lasts two days before chipping!

    I always look at that nail polish whenever I go to Bloomingdales, but I come back with empty hands bc the price seems a bit too high for me. *whispers* Maybe I NEED it.. =P

    The bird on the cap is adorable <3

  5. Both colours look gorgeous. I love the low key Butter London.

  6. Oh I wish I knew where to find these polishes near me. I'm just now getting into nail polish and these look awesome!

  7. Both colours are lovely but I'm really liking the Chanel colour :)

  8. I had the same issue with Graphite back when it came out. I just wasn't in the mood to run out and buy something so wintery-looking, but it's perfect for right now :) Toff is the kind of color I never even think of going for when I'm looking for a polish, but I'm surprised I really like it! Like you, I'm always finding offerings to be too dark or light and it seems like such a happy medium. That said, I'm all purples for November because purple never seems to be quite right any other time of year.

  9. They're so individually classy and beautiful as well as together! I don't think I've ever seen Toff in stock, or else I might have picked one up by now. Great picks, Dovey! You have such an eye for beauty!

  10. Great choices! I love both of these and Toff is so perfect for the season :)

  11. Yay! I am glad you managed to find Graphite because it sold out where I am. And of course, my must-have n/p color of the season has to be Graphite (haven't I gushed about it enough?:P). I wore it 3 times already and that is a lot for me considering the size of my stash !

  12. RD&L - I'm glad I tried Butter London, I'm quite pleased with both color and formula!

    Kelly- you're ahead of me! I didn't scope out Toff until I was even in-store

    Lexi- Good to know, although polish rarely stays on that long for me to find out! I usually chip whatever I have on since I work with my hands a lot--- most of the time nail polish is saved for my pedis!

    Amy - lol! The same thing happened to me too--- I've looked at it so many times but walked away. until I convinced myself... I needed it... =P

    Jamilla - thanks! me too. Low key is the perfect descriptor

    Sabrina- good luck! I got mine from Ulta, but I know Nordstrom has that too (if you're US)

    Henessy - Thank you! I can't wait to wear it

    Sarah- I think we share very similar feelings on polish! I agree that this season is the only purple time for me too

    Liz - thank you for the compliment! I like how they look together too, although that was an unintended effect =)

    Makeup Magpie - Thanks! You have such a beautiful collection!

    Tasha- Every time I saw it on your blog I was reminded, hehe. I'm surprised it was still available too. They even had testers out!

  13. I wouldn't be able to wear Graphite, but Toff is right up my alley! I haven't bought a new-release nail polish since Dior Tuxedo, but I have several favorite butter LONDON polishes: Big Smoke, Tea With the Queen
    Dahling (my FAVORITE), All Hail the Queen, Aston, Fash Pack, and Yummy Mummy.


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