Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dreaming of dream bouncy blush

           I've been bitten by the drugstore beauty bug. You might have seen my post on Revlon lip butters, a product that I'm certainly loving lately. However, it was not the lip butters that had me running to the store. It was the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blushes that did me in. The whisper soft colors and the surrealistic 'Dream Bouncy' name were irresistible. I walked away with two in hand: 45 Orchid Hush and 15 Rose Petal.

          The most important $8 question I'm supposed to be answering in this review is 'what is the texture of a 'dream bouncy' blush?'. Everyone seems to have a creative way of describing it. It is definitely not a traditional creme blush. Creme blushes are smooth, slippery, and melt upon contact with you warm finger. I don't think Dream Bouncy is more of a putty like texture. Instead of melting, it can be pushed around by your finger. In addition, I get the sensation of airy pockets beneath the putty. It's really something quite different! Application must be done by by hand. It can't be picked up by a stippling brush; as I mentioned it is not a creme. This makes me happy since I love blending with fingers. When I swipe my fingers on the blush, I can barely feel any product on my finger. However, when I look there is definitely pigment there. It is like a powder-creme hybrid. In terms of allergies and breakouts, I haven't had any significant ones yet which is encouraging. However, I will monitor this carefully over time and update if I come to a different conclusion.

          The Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush colors I chose were Orchid Hush and Rose Petal. Orchid Hush was love at first swatch. It is a pale pink with a hint of lavender. I still feel starry-eyed just thinking about it. The hint of 'orchid' that makes it perfect for this season. Rose petal is a pale pinky peach. The color doesn't match up as well with the name; I usually imagine rose petals to be pink. It gives a really nice peachy glow. Both colors are pale and sheer. I don't think they were designed to be pigmented. This is fine, because I prefer subtle color. That said, these were among the lighter colors in the Dream Bouncy display. You can find more beautiful swatches at Planet Martha and Getting Cheeky.  

          In my imagination, the soft and pretty dream bouncy blushes seem to play to the tune of "Dream a little dream of me." I felt happy wearing Dream Bouncy every day this week. I'm so pleased with my drugstore beauty experience so far. The next time I see a display, I'm going to re-examine pink plum, fresh pink, and coffee cake.

          Thanks for reading! Have you tried the Dream Bouncy blushes yet? How would you describe their texture? What are some of your favorite drugstore or high end creme blushes? (I'm hoping to explore a bit more).

Love, Dovey.

 Note for cruelty-free beauty lovers: It is worth noting that Maybelline is not cruelty free (what a shame). If it weren't for that, I'd be singing their praises. I really hope that one day this will change.


  1. Both shades are absolutely to die for against your complexion! I completely agree with you regarding their formulation. It's been interesting to see the debate going back and forth regarding pigmentation, application etc. I'm all for pigmented products, but these are so lovely and easy to wear! On top of that they make absolutely lovely layering products.

    I think your comment on my blog that described what we're experiencing as a "Drugstore Renaissance" couldn't have been more apt. I'm very impressed with what's been released, and like you I too want to check out a larger range of Dream Bouncy shades!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Interesting texture. Sounds like something completely different than anything else. I haven't tried but I'd be interested.

  3. Absolutely love these, got it in Coffee Cake. For the price, I will get more.

  4. Super cute - I don't think these shades would do anything for me. I've been looking more into drugstore buys, as well.Amazing what you can find when you need to try to save money!

  5. I love these blushes!! Drug store products have really improved!!

  6. I am glad you like these too! Pretty unique texture and great colors :)

  7. I have used the previous version of the maybelline mousse blush and I did not like it as it settles into my pores. But I am definitely going to check the new ones out now that I have read your praise :-)
    I like the little footnote you added to the bottom of your post :-) I am a big animal lover as well (and a makeup lover), I really do hope one day there will be no animal cruelty!

  8. Drugstore products are the bomb digs!

  9. Beautiful colors! Is this the same product Olivia made into Playdough-like monsters?

  10. I love your remark how these seem to play 'Dream a little dream of me', I won't be able to get that out of my head now :) Orchid Hush is lovely!

  11. Oooh, looks like Maybelline is picking up its game this year. Thanks for warning me about these! They look so cute and....... dangerous!!! :)


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