Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Japonesque BCA Touch Up Tube set and Go Curl Eyelash Curler review

          For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Japonesque has a special Pink collection. The collection includes a well-loved selection of Japonesque tools, including their brow kit, manicure kit, pink touch-up tube, heated eyelash curler, and a tweezer. One dollar from every item sold will benefit breast cancer research programs. I received the Japonesque Go Curl eyelash curler and Japonesque Touch Up Tube Set to show you today.

            The Japonesque Go-Curl eyelash curler is a compact plastic lash curler that can fit in your pocket. It has an open cage design to prevent pinching of the ends. There's an extra lash curler pad stashed in the base of the curler too. The curler works pretty much the same as a regular one; you press a lever downwards to close the cage. I was able to curl my lashes successfully, though it should be noted that I have fine lashes that curl quite easily. The compact box shape makes it easy to stack into regular small spaces as opposed to typical curlers, however I wouldn't say it's necessarily 'smaller' or lighter than a regular metal curler. Also, as the curler is made of plastic, I think one should avoid makeup bag situations that undergo excessive tumbling. The Go-Curl curler is made in Japan. The Japonesque Touch Up Tube Set is a set of brushes tucked into a travel friendly pink metal tube. Included are a blush brush, small and regular animal hair eyeshadow brushes, and small and medium flat synthetic brushes. The small synthetic brush is meant to be a lip brush, however it could be used as a shadow liner brush. The larger synthetic brush is meant to be a foundation brush, however it's better used as a concealer / touch up brush, or with cream eyeshadows. The brushes have long handles for travel sized brushes, which makes application easier than with your typical mini brush handles. The heads are of reasonable quality for traveling brushes, though not as nice as a full-sized brush. The Japonesque Touch Up Set is convenient and lightweight. This set is made in China.

          I enjoyed the pink thematic coloring of the Japonesque offerings for BCA. If you are in the market for travel friendly beauty tools, this collection might be worth a look. Thanks for reading! Have you tried the Japonesque Go Curl eyelash curler or Touch-Up Tube before? What do you think of a plastic eyelash curler? What kind of makeup brushes do you carry around?

Love, Dovey.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of another brush line, investigating new brishes for creams/liquids. Currently, hunting.

  2. Japonesque seems to have such cute travel sets and I love this one even more because it's pink and it's for a nice purpose too! Great thing about the longer handles too, now I only need to book a vacation :p.

  3. I like Japonesque brand. I have never tried the eyelash curler but heard that this is pretty good too :)

  4. for a good cause,, i'm all for it

  5. Never tried Japonesque. I'm not really a pink person but for some reason pink brush handles always get to me. Love how slender and stylish looking these are!


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