Friday, December 21, 2012

LUSH '...had a very shiny nose' gift set (Holiday 2012) review + photos

          If you're still trying to 'wrap up' Christmas shopping for the men in your life, take a look at this reindeer inspired gift at LUSH. LUSH '....had a very shiny nose' gift set (Holiday 2012) is a shower set geared towards men, which is nice since men's gifts are considerably harder to come by. (And why not? Men take showers too). The fresh scented products include: Mr. Punch soap, The Olive Branch shower gel, and Sandy Santa.

        LUSH Mr. Punch looks just like punch full of floating fruit; it even has a few dried juniper berries mixed in. It's packed with fragrant and toning ingredients including juniper berry oil, blackcurrant absolute, lime oil, and gin. In hot water, the soap has a bright fruity blackcurrant scent with a touch of gin. I've developed a small obsession with Mr. Punch; after all, who couldn't use an extra shot of booze?

          LUSH The Olive Branch is a Mediterranean-inspired body cleanser that's full of olive oil to keep skin moisturized and soft. Like a martini, this body wash should be shaken before use so that all the oils emulsify. The Olive Branch also contains a vine leaf infusion, sea salt, and fresh mandarin juice. The scent is not a bright citrus scent like LUSH Happy Hippy; the strong vine contribution makes it unisex (if not masculine).

LUSH Sandy Santa sugar scrub
          LUSH Sandy Santa is a sugar and sand shower scrub that will buff away dry winter skin. (This limited edition holiday scrub was inspired by a life-sized 'Sandy Santa' seen at a sand-sculpture competition in Brazil!) It works as promised, and the orange, rosewood, and sandalwood scent is absolutely gorgeous.

          LUSH '....had a very shiny nose' gift set ($23.95) is full of crowd pleasing shower goodies that are easy-to-use. The unisex scents would suit a variety of people, including men and those not familiar with LUSH. The ready-to-go red-nosed wrapping is cute and and convenient too. Thanks for reading! Which of the three products above appeals to you most? Have you ever gifted shower goodies for the men in your life? What are your go-to men's gifts?

Love, Dovey.
Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to Cute and Mundane for consideration by PR. The ideas and opinions in this post are genuine and my own.


  1. I wouldn't mind receiving this one for myself ^^ but i would love to give this to someone I love.
    It is very nicely wrapped.(..less work for me ~)

  2. Mr. Punch sounds SO fab!! Mmm....:D

    Happy holidays, Dovey!!


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