Sunday, January 6, 2013

J.R. Watkins Apricot and Pequi Oil Body Butter review

           I'm a big fan of affordable natural skincare products, especially when they come in beautiful packaging. J.R Watkins is one such brand that I've enjoyed over the years. Every time I pass by their display at Target, I get the urge to scoop up a bevy of their colorful bottles! Recently I had a chance to try J.R. Watkins Apricot and Pequi Oil Body Butter - a new addition to their line of moisturizers. It's full of shea and cocoa butter, along with nourishing apricot and pequi oils. (In case you're wondering, pequi is a fruit common in the Amazon; it's green and about the size of an orange).

        J.R. Watkins Apricot and Pequi Oil Body Butter has become my go-to post-shower moisturizer. The Apricot and Pequi Oil Body butter has a thick creamy texture; I'm guessing the semisolid feel may be due to an abundance of shea butter (the second most common ingredient) and other natural oils that are solid at room temperature. Warming it on the skin helps soften the butter for a smoother feel. It sinks in well for a velvety, non greasy, moisturizing finish. This differs from their hand salve formula, which I find to have a more oily texture. There is a light apricot fragrance that I really like as well.

         Overall, I give J.R. Watkins Apricot and Pequi Oil Body Butter ($9.99 for 6oz.) two thumbs up. It's heavy enough for winter, yet sinks in quickly. I'm hard pressed to say what I like most about it: the colorful apothecary inspired packaging, the natural ingredient list, or the pretty apricot fragrance... It's a winner, to be sure. Thanks for reading! What are your favorite J.R. Watkins products? Do you have any recommendations from the line?

Love, Dovey.
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  1. I love the vintage looking packaging! and the ingredients sound promising!
    I have too many body butter / lotion at home that I believe I will never use up ://

  2. I haven't heard of the brand before, but it sounds promising! I'm a big fan of natural brands. I'll look into it for sure!

  3. I've seen these in Target, but never had a chance to try the body butter! I got the cuticle cream in a birchbox, whichI highly recommend! I'll have to try out the body butter now! :D

  4. I've never noticed this before! Will have to look for it the next time I'm in Target!

  5. I remember when my Mom bought JR Watkins pure vanilla extract through direct sales. That's far I go back with JR Watkins!

  6. I remember that J.R.Watkins' shea butter body cream (lemon Cream) was the first of my empties from my vast collection of body/ hand creams. It came in a tube and I liked it a lot. I would love to try the apricot and pequi oil.:)

  7. I'm dying to try this and waiting for it to cross the border!


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