Sunday, March 30, 2014

MAC Peony Petal (Tres Cheek collection) review + swatches

            It's coffee o' clock here at Cute and Mundane. I'm enjoying the last beautiful moments of my week-long vacation today and am gearing up for what's likely to be the toughest quarter of the year. (I can already feel the anxiety settling in). Fortunately, my week off coincided with the April issue releases of some of my favorite glossies; I read a fantastic article in Elle titled Fail Fast, Fail Forward. The themes of perfectionism, fear of failure, and learning to learn from mistakes really resonated with me, as I'm sure they do with many others out there. I highly recommend the article, if it's a topic that piques your interest!

          With that said, let's get back to blush! I thought this sunny Sunday would be the perfect time to feature a pretty pop of pink. MAC Peony Petal is a re-release in the MAC Tres Cheek Collection (Summer 2014). I've had this blush in my collection since its first debut; it's a gorgeous shade, so I'm glad it's being featured again!

          MAC Peony Petal is a bright blue-pink blush with a satin finish. It adds a wonderful brightness to cheeks! If my skin was a little less sensitive to MAC blushes, this color would be a staple shade for me.

         As you can see from my comparison swatches below, MAC Peony Petal is quite light and cool toned! NARS Angelika is warmer and has sparkles (surprising to me, as I've always thought Angelika was quite cool itself). Illamasqua Nymph, a bubblegum pink, is the most similar of the set, however it's a little lighter and less blue toned. Illamasqua Chased, a purple tinged pink, is darker and warmer. Tarte Adored (click for review) is a a warmer pink with sparkles.

         I'm quite fond of the cooler spectrum when it comes to pinks --- so I enjoy having the gorgeous blue-pink of MAC Peony Petal in my collection! (It's also worth mentioning that I'm fond of anything peony-related, thanks to growing up with plenty of the pink blooms in mom's garden!) I'm glad the shade is being featured again in the MAC Tres Cheek collection; it's an opportunity to pick up a pan if the pink piques your interest, plus it's a chance for me to give mine another swirl!

         Thanks for reading! What shades from the MAC Tres Cheek collection caught your eye? What is the coolest pink in your collection? How have you been, and what magazine articles have you enjoyed lately?

Love, Dovey.


  1. It's such a pretty pink. It's perfect for spring! I can't wear MAC either, but I wish I could. :)

    1. Agreed! I often feel that way --- MAC has a bevy of beautiful blush shades!

  2. Ah! That looks like such a dainty pink...perfect for a picnic day! I was just reading the new April issue of Allure today...and I was surprised by their amazing articles. Usually just the pictures catch my eye, but their articles were spot-on this month!

  3. Peony Petal looks like a gorgeous pink, Dovey! I have Full of Joy from when it was first released as well, although I put it in the blog sale because it's so cool-toned that I find it doesn't suit me very well. And thank you for bringing up that article. I definitely want to read it :)

  4. Beautiful swatches! As I'm quite pale, I love light cool-toned pink blushes. I read the same Elle article! lol Love me some quality time with Elle!!

  5. How pretty!
    I wonder how this shade compares to NARS Sex Fantasy.
    Illamasqua Nymph caught my attention as well. It seems such a soft ballerina pink. :)

  6. SO pretty! =) All these bright pinks are definitely a mood-brightener :)

  7. This blush look beautiful! I love cool pinks too :) I might have to pick this one up from this collection, some of the other blushes in this release also look amazing.

  8. Very pretty, I could do with a very cool toned pink as most pinks seem to turn warm on me.

  9. This is super pretty! I want this so this will be in my purchase list. Great one to try out this season.


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