Sunday, June 29, 2014

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy and Sexy Escape collection review + photos

          I can't tell you how wonderful summer is here in Chicago. It's a long-awaited season (this year especially) in this winter wonderland --- and a reason for celebration, if you ask me! To this end, I've been spoiled with a package full of tropical scents and bronze reflections, courtesy of Victoria's Secret Beauty. Let's take a tour through Victoria's Secret Summer 2014, shall we?

         First up, I have the Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy collection. I'm a little obsessed with the metallic bronze packaging. They add color to one's counter-top, as well as complexion! The Victoria's Secret  Beach Sexy Self-Tanning tinted lotion ($15) is a self-tanning lotion with avocado oil. It's meant to provide an instant glow, as well as a lasting one that develops within hours. (I tend to tan naturally, so I haven't yet given this one a go!) I have, however, been enjoying the Victoria's Secret  Beach Sexy Body Prep smoothing scrub ($18). The sugar crystals give a gentle scrub, while the floral coconut scented oils leave a moisturized finish.

          Victoria's Secret  Beach Sexy All-Over Bronzing stick ($15) is a generously sized bronzing stick. The gel-based formula is designed to dry quickly and leave a mica-based glow. I found that when applied sheer, you might appreciate a few gold / glittery sparkles. When applied heavily, it can be built up to a warm glitzy bronze (that reminded loosely of the NARS South Beach multiple). The color does conveniently wash off with water, but might not function best if you're hoping for a pool-friendly product!

From left to right.... Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists in Ocean, Sunset, and Island
          The limited edition Victoria's Secret Sexy Escape Fragrance Mists for Summer 2014 have a wonderful island-like feel (and gorgeous ombré bottles). Victoria's Secret Sexy Escape Fragrance mist in Ocean ($35) is a fresh scent with pink currant, fresh peach, and island peony. Victoria's Secret Sexy Escape Fragrance mist in Sunset ($35) is a fruity floral with passion fruit, pink tiare, and coconut water. Victoria's Secret Sexy Escape Fragrance mist in Island ($35) is fruity floral with star fruit, jasmine petals, and white amber.

        I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite, but I suppose I'd most likely be a 'Sunset' as I do love tiare and coconut. (That said the watery peach and peony combination of Ocean do tickle my fancy as well).

          I'm feeling a bit less Chicago and a bit more Caribbean after playing with this collection! The summery scents in the Victoria's Sexy Escape Fragrance mist collection and the bronze shades in the Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy collection have added a fun summer twist to my beauty wardrobe. These gorgeously packaged products can be found at your local VS. (I've noticed a 2 for $40 deal on the fragrance mists online - might be worth checking out if you're a fragrance fan).

         Thanks for reading! Have you had the chance to try any beauty from VS Summer? Are you a self-tanner? Which of the three fragrance mists (Island, Ocean, Sunset) featured here would be your go-to?

Love, Dovey.
Disclosure: This post contains product(s) sent to Cute and Mundane for consideration. The ideas and opinions in this post are genuine and my own.


  1. Hi Dovey :)
    I should check these out especially their sugar scrubs! I think they make excellent ones in convenient packaging not to mention they look pretty in my shower booth.

    1. Hi Lena,

      Thanks for the comment! I've been using the sugar scrub recently (and yes, I do love that bronze packaging :-))

  2. Hey Dovey! Your photos always make me so excited! I haven't tried anything from VS but will definitely try and grab your reccos! and a big yay for the summer in Chicago! I ahve suffered through the winter once myself there! :-)



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