Sunday, July 6, 2014

J.Crew Camden Jeweled Sandals review + photos

         The shoe lover in me has emerged as of late. (I suppose it's a summer phenomenon, there always seem to be cute new sandals to collect!) On that note, I'm particularly excited about my new J.Crew Camden sandals! The design was a particularly popular one... By the time I saw photos in the catalog and floating around on Instagram, they were no longer for sale. I managed to snag a pair on pre-order during the second wave of availability. After over a month's wait, they finally arrived in the mail!

        You know I love a good nude sandal. I especially love how they blend into the background and allow other elements to shine --- in this case the large jewel encrusted bling seen here! I have yet to take them for a spin on Chicago's streets, but they seem comfy at first fit. My only concern is for the longevity of the crystal detailing and the shoe itself. I recently returned a pair of J.Crew slides as the sole quite literally peeled off the front of my relatively new shoe (I'm guessing from moisture, as it happened after a rainy day; I was surprised, to say the least). That said, the J.Crew Camden sandals were made in Italy, unlike the former, so I'm hoping they hold up to a reasonable standard of quality.

        Overall, I'm thrilled to have my new J.Crew Camden jeweled sandals in hand (or should I say on foot?) I love the unique combination of nude leather and jeweled bling. I can't wait to slip them on during what's left of Chicago's summer! At this point, it seems that the Camden sandal sold out (again) before making it off pre-order. The newer J.Crew Ankle Strap jeweled sandals are an available alternative, though the crystals are significantly toned down in this version.

      Thanks for reading! Have you ever pre-ordered shoes? What is your experience with the quality of J.Crew shoes? If you've added any cute sandals to your wardrobe this summer, do share!

Love, Dovey.

P.S. For more from my shoe collection, check out my post on the J.Crew Lillian low wedges!


  1. These are pretty Dovey! but I really love the pictures! they are so 3 dimensional!


  2. obsessed! love them and LOVE Jcrew!

  3. Those are super pretty!
    I have pre-ordered shoes once from Paduka Sandals and am waiting for them to come in, actually.


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