Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Smith & Cult nailed lacquer review + swatches (Check the Rhyme, Plastic Beach, Doe My Dear)

       I just came back from a sweet trip around the South. I had a fantastic time traveling to Birmingham, Dallas, and Nashville. All were gorgeous cities with warm people and warm weather! After going through a bit of sweet-tea withdrawal (funny how quickly it grows on you...), I'm back to my no-cal bottles of Perrier, as well as my usual routine.

       One of the perks of coming home to flurry-filled Chicago was getting to open a couple beauty-full packages. Today, I'll be sharing one of my favorite new finds, courtesy of Smith & Cult. The five-free brand is the latest project of Hard Candy founder Dineh Mohajer. (Does any one else remember the matching rings that came with Hard Candy lacquers?). Read on for more thoughts and check out my swatches of Smith & Cult nailed lacquers below!

         The Smith & Cult nailed lacquer bottles are generously sized (0.5 fl oz) and have a weighty glass feel. The highlight would have to be edgy, artfully dented lids. (You know I love great packaging!) All three of the bottle I have have varying degrees of 'denting' (for lack of a better word). The caps come off to reveal a smaller brush handle within (similar to other large toppered brands a la Chanel). The brush is flat, but smaller - perhaps half the width of an OPI brush, making it a hybrid between your typical flat and round brushes. I'm a fan; the flat shape makes application quicker, without sacrificing detail that is sometimes difficult with a larger brush.

Smith & Cult Doe My Dear, two coats. It becomes opaque at three.
      My favorite shade has to be Smith & Cult Doe My Dear. (What can I say? I 'm a neutral person). It's a light greyed beige creme polish. The formula is smooth, easy to apply, and fast-drying. At two coats, I love the it has a slight amount of translucency that allows a touch of pink from my nailbed to contribute to the overall effect, making it more flattering. That said, if you're more of an opaque shade person, three coats will do the trick.

Smith & Cult Plastic Beach
         Smith & Cult Plastic Beach is a bright barbie slipper pink. It has that nearly fluorescent feel that's so hard to capture in photos. The formula is opaque and a thicker than Doe My Dear. Two coats does the trick. It's a shade for nails that want to be seen; you can spot the color at quite a distance!

Smith & Cult Check The Rhyme, two coats.
       Smith & Cult Check the rhyme is a playful grape. It has the slighly translucent finish that I enjoy. Like Plastic beach, this is a vibrant shade that seems to be Dineh Mohajer's M.O. The formula is smooth, quick to dry, etc. etc.

       I've been rotating through the different shades this past week, and have only positive vibes to report thus far. I do have a weakness for playful packaging, and Smith & Cult nailed lacquers ($18) certainly fit that bill. That said, I also enjoy their unique vibrant colors and quality five-free formula. If these shades tickle your curiosity, check out www.smithandcult.com . Each shade has its own brief one-liner, written diary style by Dineh!

       Thanks for reading! Which Smith & Cult shades stand out to you?

Love, Dovey.
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  1. Doe My Dear is my favorite here as well! I like how there is some gray in the shade so that it will probably go well with my skin tone. A straight-up beige NEVER does!

  2. Eeeek, so cute! Check The Rhyme looks like a nice purple.

  3. They're so cute! And I love the bottles, even though I have a thing against round bottles (so hard to store!). But these would be cute on a vanity.

  4. Awww...the Smith & Cult Check the rhyme is so pretty. This is why I love purples or violets. They really catches my attention.


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