Friday, April 24, 2015

Sonia Kashuk White Etheriana fragrance collection review

Mimosa + Bamboo + Lime.
            Sometimes, it's ok to judge a book by it's cover. (Or, in this case, perfume). The gorgeous parrot tulip patterning on the new Sonia Kashuk White Etheriana fragrance line certainly captured my fancy. However since then, I've come to realize that the scent within is twice as nice! Here's why I've been giving White Etheriana a lot of love this past week...

          I love the scent of tulips. There's something so very spring about them! In perfume, though, its not a common accord, as it can't be harvested and has to be created in lab. Hence, there's not that many tulip perfumes out there. In my opinion, Sonia Kashuk White Etheriana has taken a cool abstract approach to the tulip, approximating its spirit with soft florals and green citrus-like freshness! I'm going to go a little perfume-nerd here and give you the full breakdown of how I experience the scent:

         At it's essence, Sonia Kashuk White Etheriana is an uplifting combination of mimosa, lime, and bamboo. First, comes the crisp watery green of the bamboo. It's followed by the soft, rich scent of mimosa which gradually builds in intensity to become the body of this perfume. Brilliant hints of lime (and if you smell closely, acai) add alacrity and dimension to what otherwise would be a powdery perfume. The florals are grounded by a touch of violet, and seem to coexist continuously with a soft, clean base. There's no standout base note, which I like. Instead, I find it to be a nice admixture of patchouli, musk, and even oakmoss (one of my favorites). There's a nice peachiness at the base as well, making this an even nicer skin scent.

          Just like parrot tulips, this fragrance isn't your garden variety. I love how the rich mimosa is livened by green bamboo and lime. It's a creative combination as far as fragrance is concerned. Overall, I'm really loving this scent (though it should be said, I'm a spring perfumista at heart) and would definitely recommend Sonia Kashuk White Etheriana if you're looking to freshen up your fragrance routine!

        Thanks for reading! What Sonia Kashuk scents have you tried? What fragrances or notes are you loving this spring?

Love, Dovey.

P.S. Sonia Kashuk White Etheriana is available at Target for Spring 2015. The line includes: the Eau de toilette ($19.99), Crème Body Wash ($8.99), Body Lotion ($8.99), and Hand Crème ($6.99). My personal favorite is the body wash; I feel like the mimosa is amplified when it hits hot water!
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  1. I will say that they have hit it out of the ballpark with the packaging - it's gorgeous! I don't often shop at Target because I don't have one near me, but next time I'm in one, I'll definitely give this a sniff.


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