Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Five : Spring, it's a thing! edition

         Happy Friday! I've been enjoying a lovely, green week on the East Coast. As a Chicagoan, it's nice to get out of the city and back to my country roots. There's something about wading through gravel and tall grass in wellies that leaves me feeling so much more connected to nature and the world around me. It's been a much needed refresher, to say the least! With that renewed spirit, here are five things I've been loving this week:

1. Spring issues
I felt like the May issue of Architectural Digest resonated with my newfound sentiments this week! For me, the brightest note was a tour of an 18th century riad, once home of Chilean painter Claudio Bravo (as seen on the magazine cover). Decor in turquoise, mint, and refreshing shades of green breathed life into what might otherwise be a traditional space. I'd love to find away to incorporate this into my home as well!

Of course, there were other Architectural Digest highlights this month, including trip to Cuba, a look at LA's newest landmark contemporary art museum : the Broad, and brief snaps of Goyard's new Upper East Side flagship.

I love the feeling of lightness here. It feels like the blooms are ready to float up to the sky!
2. A profusion of flowers
Walking down the road, I was struck by a profusion of gorgeous spring blooms --- not the kind you'd want to put in vase, but rather enjoy in nature, en face. Flowering trees have this wonderful effect; they're laden with an impossible number of blooms, yet seem to remain alight. I especially loved seeing a number of pear blossom trees (like above) - with their classic oblong shapes resembling balloons ready to take flight!

I wish I knew the name of this tree. The pink blossoms smell as lovely as one might imagine them to be!
3. Spring perfumes
I'm a spring perfumista at heart, so this is a wonderful season for my nose. I've been easing into spring florals with a wash with Pacifica California Star Jasmine, which is a nice light take on a potentially indolic bloom. I have a feeling I'll be working my way into my favorite Hermès Jour d' Hermès soon. I'm hoping to take the time to sniff out a few new spring scents this month. Hermès Jardin de Monsieur Li and Diptyque Florabellio are on my list thus far.

I love the renewed spring greens in these evergreens!

4. Road tripping
It's been a while since both Mr. Lovey and I have had time to hit the open road. Baby Bird and Robin (a.k.a. the pups) will be 'summer camping' at grandmas while the two of us continue our American explorations. Hopefully I'll have more to report, both here and on my Instagram feed!

 5. Lavender pink lacquer
Truth be told, I love this clean shade year round, but even more so as of late. I've been wearing Essie French Affair practically non-stop for the past couple of weeks. (I even packed the little bottle to take with me, in case I needed a new coat). At the moment, I've got on L'Oreal Hint of Lavender; my mom picked up the bottle recently. Apparently we're on the same wavelength with color!

          Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear what you've been up to lately!

Love, Dovey.


  1. Hey Dovey, ahhh what amazing photos (as usual)! The weather here has been a bit lukewarm for the past week, but before that we did have a good run (20+ degrees Celsius is almost like SUMMERTIME here haha)! Have fun on your road trip! Will definitely be following the journey on Instagram :)

  2. Seeing these photos really reminds me of Spring. Love the flowers and the sun. Springtime makes me do more outdoor activities with family.

  3. Love this post, photos are stunning. It's been a long while in between road trips for us, would love another soon


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