Thursday, June 11, 2015

My TOPSHOP lipstick collection review + swatches

         Ever since my first TOPSHOP post, I've become quite the fan of TOPSHOP lipstick. They're rich, pigmented, and come in standout shades! The British brand has long been popular with beauty lovers and bloggers overseas, and has recently been making headway here in the U.S. For city-dwellers like myself, it's easy to pop into the local TOPSHOP, however I know it's not yet accessible to everyone (yet)! Thanks to the folks at TOPSHOP, I'm able to give you a taste of TOPSHOP beauty today!

         Today I have swatches of the TOPSHOP lipstick collection, including Secretary, Petal, Naturist, Boardroom, Suspected, Sashay Away, Wicked, Beguiled, and Black Widow!

           TOPSHOP Lipsticks are housed in charming striped tubes (made of coated metal). The contents (i.e. the lipstick) are made in Italy. In general the formula of these lipsticks are very pigmented. They have a slight vanilla scent (which kind of reminds of my MAC lippies).

             Despite their nude/ natural appearance, I'd have to say these TOPSHOP lipsticks really come alive when worn. My favorite of the moment is TOPSHOP Lips in Secretary, a light nude. The peachiness of this nude is perfect for the summer season and seems to work well with my current tan. It's a great Kim K kind of shade that works well with a more dramatic eye. TOPSHOP Lips in Petal looks demure in the tube, but turns out to be a dramatic white-pink. The white in the shade makes it really stand out against my current skintone. I have a feeling that it would work better for lighter, cooler skintones. I'll have to wait til I return to my winter complexion before pulling this one out! TOPSHOP Lips in Naturist is an interesting muted mauve. It has this slight greyish tint which makes it a bit different than your usual my-lips-but-better kind of shade. I feel like this shade would be an amazing shade for fall! TOPSHOP Matte Lips in Boardroom is a cool brown, perhaps slightly greyed as well. TOPSHOP Lips in Sashay Away is a richer cocoa brown. Both these shades are major statement shades on my light complexion; they may be interesting nude shades for deeper complexions.

            The wines and reds in my TOPSHOP Lipstick collection have variety of dramatic and different undertones that make for a standout look. TOPSHOP Lips in Wicked is a rich warm red, with brown undertones. TOPSHOP Lips in Beguiled is a warm red that has a bit more mauve and less brown than Wicked. TOPSHOP Matte Lips in Suspected is a rich red-plum shade. You can definitely appreciate the plum undertones here. TOPSHOP Matte Lips in Role Model is a red-violet. It takes the idea of a purple undertone further than Suspected. TOPSHOP Matte Lips in Black Widow is a super dramatic, dark purple. It doesn't get more intense than this!

          I've swatched my collection of TOPSHOP Lipsticks below! As I mentioned above, TOPSHOP tends to interpret color in ways that make them stand out, as opposed to blending in. It's helpful to see all the nuanced undertones below, whether they be grey, brown, plum, or violet!

           Overall, I'm a fan! TOPSHOP Lipsticks (or as they call them, Lips) are incredibly rich, pigmented formulas. I can see why they're so popular on the other side of the pond! In addition to quality, I really appreciate TOPSHOP's avant garde interpretation on color. The brand great place to start if you're a fan of standout shades. Admittedly, I'm a nude lip person, so TOPSHOP Secretary and Naturist would have to be my picks. That said, I'm looking forward to pulling out my collection of deep wines when opportunity calls!

         Thanks for reading! Have you tried TOPSHOP lipsticks? What are your TOPSHOP beauty favorites?

Love, Dovey.

P.S. TOPSHOP is available at select Nordstroms, as well as TOPSHOP online.
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  1. Black Widow and Sashay Away are SO pretty.

  2. Oh, how do they apply? Are they patchy at all? Sorry for double posting.

  3. Lovely review as always, Dovey!
    Naturist stands out to me! Such a pretty nude. Love the subtle mauve-y undertone.
    I have yet to try Topshop makeup but would love to sometimes soon. :)

  4. I like the look of Naturist and Secretary. It's a shame we don't have Topshop here. The clothes are available online but the make-up isn't.


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