Who is Dovey? 
          I'm a medical resident with a penchant for all things beautiful. I started this blog in medical school, while living in Chicago.

Who is Baby Bird?
         She's a secondhand poodle with an attitude that makes brief cameos on Cute and Mundane. I strongly support pet adoption; you may have noticed that I keep a link to Petfinder on Cute and Mundane!

What makes Cute and Mundane unique?
          My blog motto and mission has always been ' Beauty without borders'. For me, beauty doesn't just stop at makeup reviews. I incorporate my love for art, culture, and travel into the posts I write. I hope to inspire readers and other bloggers to think outside the box and embrace their own beauty inspirations.

        I work hard to keep this blog more personal and less commercial. All the reviews here are for fun and/or reference; you won't find commercials or sponsored posts. As impractical as it may seem, for me, blogging has always been more about fun!

What are your passions?
          Before makeup, I had a passion for pens, pencils, and everything related to art. Ever since I could hold a crayon, I've been drawing, coloring, and painting everything I could get my hands on. This love and talent for art has certainly drawn itself out in Cute and Mundane. I take a lot of care in creating and curating photos for my posts. Plus, I love to incorporate my love of art and art history into my unique Inspired by Art series!

         As someone whose family history spans multiple continents, languages, and cultures, I'm fascinated by travel, whether it be across America or overseas. I love sharing thoughts on the places I've been, whether it be the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park or the Louvre museum in Paris, France. You'll find tidbits of from my travels scattered throughout the blog as well!

What is your skintone / foundation color?
            I have light neutral to cool East Asian skin. My skin tans easily, so there's variation between seasons which you may notice on arm swatches. In winter I'm almost fair, while in summer I'm almost medium. I wear NARS Deauville / Santa Fe and Chanel Perfection Lumiere B20 and would guess that I'm a MAC NC20.

How can I contact you? 
           Please see the "Contact/PR" section of the blog.

Can I copy or republish content and/or photos from Cute and Mundane?
           No. Please do not copy or republish content from this blog. All photography and content on this blog are subject to copyright laws.