Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY: Urban Decay Primer Potion repotting (my attempt)

I recently read a blog entry about scraping the leftovers of your Urban Decay Primer potion out of its genie bottle. It's no secret that the bottle shape is notoriously bad for using up all the product. I just didn't realize how bad it really was!

I have a mini-size bottle of UDPP, that had recently been "running out" of potion, so I decided to try my hand at this salvaging business. You can see the results here:

There was definitely a usable amount of potion left, and I repotted it in a little tub that used to hold a creme eyeshadow once upon a time. The process was satisfying, but definitely a messy and somewhat dangerous business! The plastic is pretty thick, so I couldn't really "cut" it open with the scissors... I had to spear it through a couple times, which wasn't easy, or safe really! Perhaps a hacksaw or other hardcore tools would be more appropriate... haha.

I'm going to happily use my salvaged potion--- but after this, I'm glad I have the new Professional sized- squeeze tube ready for use!

Love in the dove,


  1. I need to do this to my UDPP. I have a full-sized bottle that I've been using since last December. It seems to be coming up a little dryer every time I dip the wand in. Time for that hacksaw.

  2. Geezzz all that work because of bad packaging! And its horrible how much product is actually left! They really need to change up their packaging....

  3. Steph - actually a hacksaw really would be perfect =P good luck with your UDPP

    tasha - i know! They have a new squeeze bottle which I bought... but apparently if you don't use it properly the back can explode out??

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