Saturday, December 4, 2010

I don't use bronzer, but....


I woke up this morning to a nice winter-y mix. It's so nice to sleep in on a snow day! I took Baby Bird on her morning walk and then took a nice hot shower. Everything's great, except for the paper I seriously have to start writing. Bah humbug. So, before I go down my humbugg-y path, I thought I'd share a quick post / review on my EcoTools Bronzer Brush that I recently picked up from ULTA.

Ever since I became more aware about the potential animal cruelty involved in fur brushes (most brushes are fur), I've begun exploring synthetic options whenever I get the hankering for a new brush. Even though I do enjoy using my high end brushes (usu. Bobbi Brown), I find myself reaching more and more frequently for my EcoTools! A lot of EcoTools are awesome, but this is probably the brush that gets the most love from bloggers. And deservedly so!

It's big, it's fat, it's full of bristles, soft, dense, and just plain awesome! And I don't even use bronzer. It works really well with mineral foundation and also well with blush. Maybe even better than the EcoTools blush brush. I'm really OCD about cleaning my brushes after every use, so I find that synthetic brushes like this are awesome. I can scrub the heck out of it, and I don't worry about precious furry bristles shedding. It doesn't shed, but there's so many bristles, I wouldn't mind if it did. And it's so cost effective (see below). Totally recommend, if you're looking for a good fat kabuki / mineral brush. Or blush brush. Or just a really soft brush to pat. I can't stop touching it!!

I think EcoTools are available from ULTA, Walgreens, as well as some other places. It's about $11-12 at ULTA, but I've heard that ULTA tends to be more expensive. However, EcoTools are frequently "on sale" there, such as B1G1 50% off. Or you can just use one of their $3.50 off coupons that seem to be perpetually available. Or both. And then get a high quality brush for under $10!

Finally, some wintery pawprints (another dog's, not Baby Bird) to celebrate the onset of winter. I changed up my blog theme last night because all this cold weather puts me in the mood for bright colors! has some really awesome themes. Of course I chose: Southern Girl. What can I say, I'm just drawn to southern things. Can't help it. I tried making a banner from that site too, but it's a bit short for my taste. I'll have to figure out how to elongate it, or just find another one that I really like.

Any snow out where you are?

It's essay time. And tea time.

Love in the dove,


  1. Uwah the brush looks super nice :)
    And of course you know that there's def snow here! I took a walk in it today super bundled up because it was freezing. The first manageable snow is always nice but in dreading the rest of the winter from january on already :/

  2. Ohh that brush looks so nice and soft! I will have to check if we have this brand in Canada :)

    Sheshhh I am drinking tea and finishing up my essay right now... For once I started well in advance, I might even be able to hand it in a day early! I wrote a schedule and stuck to it instead of procrastinating until the last minute... it works so much better!

  3. Also I think the new blog look is super cute :) I need help with my banner too.. I can't figure out how to make it look right

  4. ponyo - i know! the snow here has melted and turned into sheet ice. I feel like I'm walking in the arctic or something.

    splattergirl - I didn't know you were from Toronto! There's so many Canadians online... who knew. The location of my bird-cave is a secret, but it's not too far from you ;-P

    tasha - hope studying's going well. It would be a shame if they didn't carry EcoTools in Canada... after all you guys are more "environmentally friendly" than the US


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