Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bath time with LUSH bearded lady

At the LUSH after Christmas sale, I picked up a bunch of goodies at 50% off that I’ll probably be showing over the course of time. I know it’s so not Christmas anymore, but a LUSH bath is really good anytime of the year, don’t you think? It’s been a long week of working late for me while battling a little cold, and my future hubby had to work late last night, so I figured it would be a perfect time to treat myself to a soak. Yesterday’s treat was the LUSH Bearded Lady bubble bar, one of the Holiday 2010 products. 

Despite an uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus, LUSH calls it bearded lady

Because I’m trying to get more out of my baths, I went a little King Solomon on my bubble bar. I’m saving half for another happy day.

As you can see, half a bearded lady makes a bundle of bubbles! The water beneath was silky and full of essential oils. I love how camera flash captures the crazy motions of water. It was so unexpectedly cool.

Did I mention that bearded lady smells like orange? A subtle, herby, relaxing orange. 

Although, what you’re seeing here are actually tangerines. Yum. I’m thoroughly relaxed. I threw Baby Bird in the bath as well towards the end to clean her scraggly winter fur, so now she smells vaguely of herby orange as well! 

This weekend is the first NFL playoff weekend. The man is obviously excited, but I am too, since my team made the playoffs! I’m going to be peeping through closed fingers. Being a fan sure can be stressful--- better get my relaxation on before then. Haha, just kidding (er, sort of). Anyone else excited about football?
Hope everyone also finds time for some relaxation and fun this weekend!

Love, Dovey.


  1. ahhhh! the bath bomb is so cute!! And it's orange-y scented! my favs (tho currently i still don't have a place to take a bath D:)

    I totally forgot about the lush sale..... i wanted to go pick up something anyways so I'll go tmr.

  2. Yes Yes! Go to your Lush and do share! <3 <3 I love your pikachu on the beach, btw!

  3. Lol @ King Soloming your bubble bar! I really like the tealight candle holder by your tub, where is that from?

    Yay for your team making it to the playoffs! My boyfriend's (and mine, by default) team the Chargers didn't make it in, and man was he upset! But as long as the Jets are still in it, I'm happy because I have Mark Sanchez to drool over.

  4. AHH! I'm a Mark Sanchez hater, but I never considered his looks. I'll take a closer look this weekend =P.

    The tealight holder is actually from IKEA (HALLARE). According to the webiste, it's $7.99! They have so many cute inexpensive candle holders and candles.

  5. Mmmm that looks like the kind of bath I need !!!!
    I like your new header btw :D

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