Thursday, January 20, 2011

A slice of LUSH snowcake

Meet snowcake, or snow-crack (fondly nicknamed by my neighborhood LUSH staff). I recently cut myself a slice, so I thought I would share photos of how I cut my LUSH soap as well as why it’s love at first sniff

Snowcake is one of LUSH’s most loved annual holiday soaps.  According to LUSH the snowcake smells like marzipan. I’m not sure what marzipan smells like, but I remember tasting it once when my dad brought it home from a business trip. (Not so awesome). But that was when I was young, so things may have changed! Snowcake has a subtle sweet almond smell that is addicting. I keep wandering to the tub, picking up the soap and taking a good long whiff. If marzipan smells like this, I need to try it again

Like some of LUSH’s soaps, there’s a pretty print on the surface from the soap’s mold. Mine has a star and part of a heart (I think).

Here’s my soap slicing setup: cutting board, large santoku knife, and soap. (The strawberries and cream Yankee candle, though it smells very good, is very optional =P).

Snowcake is soft (not gritty, like some LUSH soaps), so it’s just like cutting through butter. On an interesting note, my neighborhood LUSH uses the exact same Wusthof Santoku knife to cut their soaps. It’s a good knife!

So there we have it. A delectable slice of snowcake. By cutting my soap, it doesn’t go to waste. LUSH soaps seem to melt away pretty fast; they’re the opposite of French milled soaps (also awesome) which last forever. I usually keep my slice at the dry end of the tub when I shower so excess water doesn’t get on it!

In other news, my fiancé and I have been watching Top Chef All-Stars. This is the one show we actually follow. I pretty much watch it for Fabio (the Italian chef). A couple episodes ago, the chefs go to a Chinatown supermarket, and Fabio sees a tank of turtles. Then the show cuts to him talking about his pet turtle “When I come to America, I get a pet turtle. She is a princess. I put her on a leash so she can walk outside. Here, they have turtles in tank and they cut them up for turtle soup!” Or something like that. Well, maybe you had to be there and see the turtle with a Chihuahua leash tied around its shell.  Point is, Top Chef is awesome, all turtles aside.

Hope you enjoyed the LUSH snowcake photos and review (and Top chef ramblings). If there are any other addicting shows or soaps (the sudsy kind) out there I should know about, do share!

Love, Dovey.

P.S. Still no internet. AT&T is horrible.


  1. I wish LUSH was still in Iceland... oh well... that slice looks yummy though, I'd probably eat it before I took bath... not a good idea :)

  2. I gave you a blog award, all information is on my blog:

    Please enjoy!

  3. I do that too! I cut my soaps and my bubble bars into pieces so that they don't go to waste! :-) I saw it on youtube once, I would never have thought of it myself!

  4. Oh my gosh that is such a good idea! It looks so sweet too *A*

  5. Hi guorun! How is that possible--- no Lush in iceland? I thought they were everywhere!

    Blusherine-- me too, I saw it on Youtube. It makes so much sense!

    Kotori, thanks for the nice comment =)


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