Sunday, April 10, 2011

Juicy + bright polish for summer

Today's such a nice balmy day in the city, I can't help but feel more optimistic. This weekend was a largely work-free weekend, so yesterday I spent downtown shopping for a bachelorette party gift, shopping the sales for myself (hehe), and met up with some friends for Indian food. By the way, shopping for bachelorette gifts drove me nuts. I went to store, after store (including two different Victoria's Secrets) and could not choose anything! I think I have an aversion to scratchy mesh polyester textures, which kind of nixes most choices. So, I ended up picking some aptly named goodies from LUSH instead. I can always count on LUSH =). 

On to nail polish...

Summer, to me, is prime polish season. I can actually see the colors on my tips and toes because they're no longer jammed into mittens or boots! Lately I find myself reaching for really juicy and bright colors in my stash. And then I realized I only have four colors that really fall into that category: OPI Guy meets Gal-veston, SOPI Hi-Def, SOPI Arm Candy, and ORLY Lola. (I actually have few more, but they're older L'Oreals that I usually avoid showing on the blog for cruelty-free purposes).

Here are one-finger swatches of each, at two coats per finger. My love for brights has become tantamount to an obsession. After purchasing OPI Guy meets Gal-veston, I've been wearing it non-stop for the past week. I just can't stop looking at my nails. I'm planning on getting my paws on a few more OPI "sorbets" to add to my bright collection.

I'm not sure if brights are a fad every year around this time, or it's this year in particular. I've seen swatches of OPI's Touring America collection online, and there are three shimmery brights that look fantastic. Anyone else loving juicy colors now?

Love, your rehabbed neutral addict, Dovey

P.S. I picked up a pair of light grey Cole Haan ballet flats from Nordstrom Rack, that pair so well with these colors. The selection at Rack was quite nice this time--- worth a look if you're on the hunt for spring or summer shoes.


  1. Hehe, I'm totally in a neutral mood. Isn't that funny? In the spring all I want to wear are neutrals and vampies for some reason. I think it's because in the sun I can actually see the pretty nuances of the vampy colors. Who knows, maybe I'm just crazy. Guy Meets Gal-veston is pretty, though.

  2. Steph - Who can resist neutrals and vampies? Not me =P. I'm sure they'll make a comeback for me pretty soon. You're right about the sun, though. Polish always looks so much better with the right reflections!

  3. Love the polishes - Hi Def and Arm Candy remind me of two Dior polishes that are about to come out in the summer collection, Aloha and Paradise. I can't wait to start wearing bight nail colors! *looks out of the window and shakes her head*

  4. such gorgeous vibrant colours! Perfect for Spring/summer! I especially love Guy meets Gal-veston - really pretty!

  5. Olga- It's so funny you say that--- I've been loving the OPI sorbets because they remind me of Aloha and Paradise! Dior has such great polish colors lately.

    Penelope- Thanks! I hope I'll get more soon, I really love them too.

  6. The juicy polishes are fun and festive! They remind me of different flavored margaritas; perfect for a hot summer night on a patio ;)

  7. Arm Candy looks amazing! Just perfect for the summer! Will put it on my wishlist!!


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