Monday, April 18, 2011

Bobbi Brown bronzer, illuminating bronzer, and shimmerbrick

The lengthening days and warmer weather have germinated the idea that I need a sun-kissed glow. It's become a minor obsession. My light skin tans quite easily, however, I prefer to avoid tanning too much (though it's inevitable in summer despite my best SPF attempts) because I think it muddies my complexion. So what do to? Enter, makeup. In the past, I never cast a glance towards bronzers, because I don't want to be bronze! However, I've realized that light bronzers or shimmer can be used strategically to give a warm sun-kissed look. Not muddy, and not bronze.

So, here's my little arsenal of faux-sunshine goodies, all by Bobbi Brown.

Going clockwise, there's a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, bronzing powder, and illuminating bronzing powder. Shimmer bricks are highlighters with little if any color. Bronzing powder is matte and the most pigmented. Illuminating bronzing powders are in between with pigmentation and shimmer.

Here are swatches of all three. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Natural isn't the lightest shade available. I have it because it came in palette form with other items. I only use it for some light contouring, if anything. Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Aruba is a recent purchase from the friends and family sale. It's really a really light golden color, and I think would be hard to overdo on even fairer skin tones, which makes me really happy. I tried to layer it on in the swatch, but you can see it's still quite light. I can barely see anything when I dust it all over my face, which is my goal. Not bronze or orange at all! Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick in beige is another new acquisition. There are 5 strips of color that look baked. Shimmer bricks are one of my favorite products (I had one a while ago, but threw it out when a lot of my makeup went bad due to heat). This brick provides a light golden glow, that's really subtle. It's a great highlighter that I'll use on my cheekbones. For an extra kick of highlight on my cheeks or brows, I've found that using the top bar of color (white gold) is nice alone as well. Supposedly the brick can multitask as eyeshadow, however I haven't tried this yet; I'm not a fan of to much sheen on my eyes!

I haven't had these products for too long, but I think they fit the bill! I'll get a very subtle, slight golden glow from them, that doesn't appear to frosty, pigmented or overdone. I think if you're a BB fan, or a fan of really natural appearing products, these are great choices. The color range offered is so much better than the one-color-fits-all philosophy some other brands.

And of course, I love the packaging too. Sleek and black is  the way to go.

Overall I'm really pleased, and excited to put these to use. Of course, I'm a big Bobbi Brown fan, so this shouldn't be too surprising. I purchased a few more items from the BB friends and family event, so I'll be posting on them in the coming weeks.

In terms of life, my Monday was a looong day at work. Here's to hoping the weekend comes soon!

Love, Dovey.


  1. Ough, now I'm craving all of these, haha!

  2. All of those look gorgeous... I am still debating whether or not to invest in the Guerlain one I tried last time. It seems like so many companies are coming out with bronzers lately!

  3. Hi tasha! Thanks--- you're right about the choices though, and they're all so beautifully packaged!

  4. my bobbi brown bronzer broke too!!! i hate it because now i have to take extra care of it when i carry it on my purse. thought that maybe it was my fault but i see that maybe it's something wrong with the package.

    Thanks for your fabulous reviews!!
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