Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion tube comparison

A quick pic for you today comparing the Professional Size Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion to the newest Urban Decay Primer Potion Tube. 

I was curious about the difference between the professional and regular size ever since the new smaller tube came out. I've had my pro size for a while now, and just bought the smaller UDPP as a gift. The professional size ($29 for 0.85oz) was a better deal than the new tube ($19 for 0.37oz). However, it would take forever to use up even the small tube. I also read on Musings of a Muse that after 6 months the texture of the UDPP in the pro-tube seems to change to a thicker unusable form. I hope this isn't the case, but we'll see. I've had mine for a few months now and so far so good.

I like the packaging on the pro size better, with the shiny cap, but that's a minor cosmetic detail. According to Sephora the smaller UDPP is also limited edition. I wonder when Urban Decay will make up their mind and stick to one style of packaging. As long as they keep offering tubes instead of wands, I'm a happy camper!

The background is from a painting I started a while ago. Blogging takes up a chunk of my free time, so I haven't had much time to devote to art. Photographing things for the blog and applying makeup have been stand-ins for my art-fix for a while, however I think I need to pick up some brushes and draw on canvas (that's not my face) sometime soon! Are there any hobbies you've picked up again recently?

Love, Dovey.


  1. i am totally getting into the primer. a makeup girl at sephora hooped me into getting a smashbox fine line primer on saturday and it is quite possibly the best thing i have ever tried...perhaps this one needs to get on my list for next time!!


  2. i am curious does this still have the doe foot applicator or a nozzle?
    i love my doe foot applicator

    shel xx

  3. I have the pro size. Not only does it get thicker, but not long after I got it, the nozzle thing twisted off and is stuck up inside the cap! I emailed UD to tell them because it seems like a defective design, but never heard back. As much as I love UDPP, they need to make some changes to this product and packaging STAT.

  4. Carrie- I've never tried foundation primer, but UDPP is great for eyes!

    Shel- This is the squeeze tube version, not doe-foot. I actually like both versions, however this one is easier to get more product out of.

    Gotham Polish - Oh no!!! I feel like there's a timer ticking away for my UDPP now. I wonder why it's such a problem when the product is supposed to be exactly the same...

  5. I will go to Paris soon and check out the new packaging myself, I can't wait! :-)

  6. Hi Blusherine--- Paris sounds really exciting!!! I hope you post pictures =)


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