Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tweety bird

I finally gone done it. Joined twitter. You can find me at @cuteandmundane.

At this point, I'm a complete newbie. I've figured out how to tweet, and I've figured out how to add a profile photo, but that's about it. After 30 agonizing minutes I think I figured out what #FF means. Can you feel my pain here? LOL. I'm excited about getting to know people through their tweets, but do cut me some slack if I can't figure out how to follow, respond, or some of these things in the beginning =P.

Love, Dovey

P.S. Feel free to leave any twitter wisdom here (Do's, Dont's, and the like). It's desperately needed.


  1. Just have fun with it, you'll catch on quickly! Off to go follow you now!!!!! :-)

  2. I am following you will love it :)

    shel xx

  3. I'm about to follow you! And it took me forever to realize what #ff meant!

  4. I thought my old age was showing when I didn't know what #ff meant!

  5. what on earth is #ff??

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm already getting sucked in....

    Lexi- haha. i guess I'm just an old(er) fart =P

    ZZ- According to google search it means "following friday" or something like that where you can tweet a list of posts you recommend following. But then, I could be wrong since I really don'e know what I'm talking about =P

  7. Congrats! I finally joined last week, too. it was overwhelming at first, but you catch on pretty quickly, eh?

  8. Following! Wave goodbye to any spare time #addictive!


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