Saturday, August 20, 2011

Makeup Minis currently in rotation

         Here's a peek at the mini and sample size cosmetics I'm currently using. Like most beauty enthusiasts I have a large backlog of mini products I need to use. I'm pretty diligent about going through samples, but I still have many.  In fact, I have a bag full of mini and full-size mascaras contains at least 20 tubes! For a while I used to do "Project 10-Pan" on my minis. It successfully cleared out a lot of clutter and I learned a lot from trying many different products. I no longer partake in "10-pan" but I have developed a habit of using minis in my everyday routine. I thought it would  be fun to start a series where I share and review what mini cosmetics I currently have in rotation.

1. Love, Chloe Eau de Parfum- This smells like rose and powder. I'm a fan of florals, however it's a little too sophisticated for me. I prefer simpler and brighter smells.

2. NARS Orgasm Illuminator- This sample is really midget-sized, but I've been using it forever. I love the natural sheen it gives me. I had also accumulated two full-sized tubes and a larger mini-size tube. They would have lasted me at least 5 years, so I gave them away to my mom and aunt. If I ever finish a tube of the illuminator, I will most likely purchase a new one. I'm on the fence with skin-sensitivity. My skin doesn't react strongly against it, however I haven't ruled out a mild response.

3. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencil in 0L- I keep this in my makeup bag for touch-ups. I have a full-size version as well. The staying power is good on top of primer.

4. LUSH Vanishing Cream- I asked for a face cream sample at LUSH because I'm still looking for a moisturizer that I'm 100% comfortable with putting on my skin. I tried the Philosophy miracle worker sample that came in the Sephora VIB packet but had reactions to it. Sigh. So far, Vanishing cream is working fairly well so far.

5. Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Mascara in Black- It's OK, but I'm a little underwhelmed by the volumizing capacity. I have to put on at least 5 coats before I'm happy. That said, I'm someone who really packs on mascara because my lashes are thin. I don't need a lot of length added, just volume. The name says "volumizing" however I find that this mascara is better for added length instead of volume. On the plus-side, the formula doesn't clump even after adding numerous coats. On the down-side the formula smells distinctly like chemicals. You can probably tell from my review that I won't be interested in purchasing a full size version.

6. Smashbox Photo-op under-eye brightener- This adds a subtle sheen in the undereye area. There's not a lot of pigment so it can't be substituted for a real concealer. To be honest, it doesn't really do much for me. You can still see the light shadow of my barely visible under-eye circles. However, I saw this on my friend once and it looked nice on her.

So that's all for today's Mini series. Do you use up your minis as well? Any good or bad finds?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Dovey.


  1. great post! I just bought the bars super orgasm illuminator and I can't wait to try it!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I'd be excited to hear your thoughts on the Super O illuminator. I've swatched it on my arm once, but never tried it on my face.

  3. I've seen many people using the Orgasm illuminator these days. Sounds like such a tempting product :D I went to Sephora yesterday and smelled the Chloe perfume. It was a little strong for me too! LOL

  4. Excellent post! And kudos for using up your sample-sized products. Mine sit in a box, as though I need to worship them. God forbid I actually use any of them!

    I just had a NARS mini haul I can't wait to receive!

  5. i havent had a mini of something in a long time! last thing i had was a whole series of mascaras. i have been wondering about that LM full blown glad i read your thoughts because volume is my main priority too

  6. I don't have many mini, but since I've subscribed to those beauty boxes, I'll be getting a few each and every month. Great post, I will enjoy reading this series. :)

  7. omg i have so many sample mascara's its crazy and tons of sample bi facil from lancome
    I have the same mini illuminator and im almost done with it ( it took FOREVER) i own the full size which i have yet to start and that alone will take about 5 years i think!
    I am really bad at perfume samples i dont use alot of them =(

  8. RD&L - hehe, glad you know what I'm talking about with the Chloe.

    Zuzu- can't wait to see your mini haul! Despite my best efforts I still have way to many samples.

    Kelly- Oh! Glad I wrote about the mascara then =)

    SMHL - that's exciting. I don't have a subscription since I have so much stuff--- but I always check out everyone's entries on those boxes.

    Lilldaylife- Bifacil is probably good to have! I have tons of Lancome mascaras in my mascara stash, mostly from my mom. Gah.

  9. I have a mini orgasm illuminator too! This reminds me I should start using it! I have so many mini mascaras, I really should start giving them away to friends and family! :)

  10. Makeup Magpie - yes! If anything the mini is good to carry around in your purse. I guess we're not alone in our mascara problem =P

  11. I have a lot of these samples, too from the Sephora VIB Hat Box. I'm pretty sure that Philosophy moisturizer will make me break out, too. I tried Hope in a Jar once and it was bad news.

    I chose the Guerlain Youth Serum as one of my free samples with my order and if I could, I would have selected two more of them. It was nice on my skin and I felt like it gave me some clarity and brightness. Well, I guess I'll be expecting some disappointment from the LM mascara. Yeah, I also prefer volume rather than length in my mascara.

  12. Hi Lexi- I didn't know hope in a jar was bad news. Guess it makes sense! The guerlain youth serum sounds awesome--- I think I ended up getting men's fragrance for Mr Lovey instead =P

  13. Wow can't believe how much Nars orgasmn you've accumulated, I have to agree with you I also have amini size Nars orgasm and its lasted me for quite a while. I want to purchase a full size once im done witht the mini version but right its to expensive and im too broke lol :o great post :)

  14. Love this post, another great idea! You've inspired me to pull out some of my minis!

  15. I adore Lush's Vanishing cream. I haven't purchased it in a while and I'm thinking of going back to it!

  16. Kirsty - i know! Good thing I have people to give them away too

    productdoctor - yay! you never know what you will find

    Ricquetta - awesome. LUSH has so many creams, I don't really know where to start. I'm glad to hear you like it.

  17. I have both Vanishing Cream and Orgasm Illuminator in minis too. I find the lush samples takes ages to use. It's a great moisturizer for oily skin.

  18. Haha, looks like we all have the same samples. Sometimes I like Vanishing sometimes I don't. I'm on the fence! I am glad that the size is large enough to use multiple times =)


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