Sunday, August 21, 2011

My lipstick stash

          Inspired by the epic proportions of Joeybunny's stash post, I thought that I should do a stash post of my own. Today, I'm sharing my lipstick collection. Everything fits in a little black drawer. What you see above is every single lipstick I own, save for free samples that I never use.
The stash breakdown is as follows:
3x Bobbi Brown Lip Colors
3x Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colors
1x Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color
1x Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
1x Chanel Rouge Allure
3x NARS Lipsticks
3x Random free Estee Lauder and Lancome lipsticks

          You might have guessed from my penchant for Bobbi Brown that I like nude or beige toned lipsticks. One reason my stash has stayed relatively small is that I don't wear exciting colors. I have two pretty pinks (Chanel Coquette and Lancome), one peach (Chanel Peregrina), one red (NARS Red Lizard), and one dark burgundy (Bobbi Brown Black Cherry). I don't feel the need to buy more iterations of these colors, as I rarely reach for them. Some of you might remember that my attempt at adding MAC Vegas Volt to my collection was a flop. I do enjoy looking for new nude and basic tones. I'm planning on adding a couple nude lippies from the MAC permanent collection soon. Otherwise, I'm really happy with what I have now, so I don't plan on exponential growth. I like how everything fits neatly into my little drawer!

          I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my stash. Are you surprised at the size? The proportions of my collection are quite minimalist when compared to those of other beauty enthusiasts. For non-beauty lovers, this number of lipsticks might  seem crazy!  How many tubes of the lipstick is considered normal?

Love, Dovey


  1. I am surprised with the size of your lipstick collection, but at least you know what works for you and you stick to using them. Can you please show swatches of each? Thanks. x

  2. I'm very suprise to see your makeup lip stash without mac!!? Serious?! hehehe thats great cus at least you know whats good for you :)

  3. You and I love the same lipstick brands! And no, I hardly have any MAC!

  4. I'v never tried bobbi brown lipsticks! I've heard they're amazing, but I love the mac shades :D

  5. I love the simplicity! Nice choices you have. I tend to wear a core few colors most of the time anyway, so it makes sense :)

  6. I envy your well-edited stash. I might have twice that,and I think I am doing good! I know what you mean about not needing duplicate colors, and I fear I tend to buy the same color over and over in different brands or different collections.

    I was a little surprised you don't have more NARS, heh.

  7. I love how you have such quality lipsticks :) It makes me want to minimize my stash to ones I truly love :) Great post!

  8. Wow, great collection! Nice to see a modest sized stash with well loved shades!

  9. I wish I had your control. My lipstick stash has grown a ridiculous amount in the past two years. Do you wear gloss a lot as well or do these get a lot of love?

  10. SMHL- glad I could surprise you! I do hope to post swatches of these someday. For some reason I'm always behind on swatching lipsticks

    Kirsty - =P I'll get some MACs eventually. I even know which ones I want!

    Jamilla- yes, I think we have similar tastes in a lot of things =P

    Kelly- I think both carry great colors. BB is more classic, MAC is more fun

    Martha- thanks! I hope it stays this way.

    Zuzu- i think twice as much is still good! I've become a little more interested in lipstick lately so it may grow a little.

    RD&L - Minimalism makes me happy too! Unfortunately it's harder to control other areas of my makeup collection

    Penelope - thanks! I lvoe your description

    Perilously Pale - You hit on a good point. In the past I wore a lot of gloss; I've only made a transition to lipsticks somewhat recently =)

  11. Your first picture is so chic! hahaha lipstick is prob my least favorite make up item next to eye shadow but i still own mts of em! must be the color thing
    i think normal is 3-4?
    mine is more like 34...hahaha

  12. wow i am surprised at the amt you have! but it's good, i like being minimalistic (not counting blushes haha)

  13. i think this is pretty much the right enough amount of lipsticks a woman should have. I have way to many and i am sure most of them will be thrown away before I will have used them up. =/

  14. Lilladylife- haha! 3-4. I wish. =P

    Kellyyes - I hope this doesn't make me an imposter blogger =P. I think I'm more nuts about eye products.

    Parfoj. Thanks for the comment! I doubt I'll even use these up ever too. =)

  15. I think you have a very nice collection! I have many lipsticks, but I always reach for the same ones. There is no point in accumulating so many if you aren't going to use them. If you intend to get more, some of my favorites are MAC Lustering, MAC Nouveau Pink & Revlon Siren if you want to check them out :)

  16. Hi Tasha, thanks for the recs. I love the color of Nouveau pink. I really need to try it in-store to make sure it's not too cool for me though =)


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