Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NARS Oasis blush

          NARS Oasis blush made a small comeback this fall. Although it wasn't specifically included NARS Fall 2011 lineup, Oasis was clearly a part of the supporting cast since 1) Oasis lip gloss was re-promoted in the collection and 2) no blush was included in the collection. Up until recently, I'd forgotten that I had purchased NARS Oasis blush. I had loaned it to my mom for an extended period of time. However, now Oasis has returned to my home to star in a review.

          NARS Oasis blush is described as a "sparkling pink champagne." How pretty is that? I'm not sure it's the right description though. I would imagine sparkling pink champagne to be a light golden pink. NARS Oasis is more like pink with a hint of berry and gold sparkle. Oasis is one of the colors that looks so different in the pan in different kinds of light. This may be why there is so much variation in online photos. I had trouble wrapping my head around the true color of Oasis when I considering purchasing it. In most cases, Oasis looks deceptively light in the pan. In sunlight (above) you can see that Oasis almost appears to be a light pink leaning slightly peach. This isn't a camera error. I took at least twenty pictures outside trying to capture the pink-berry color of Oasis. All of them looked like this. I was pretty upset until I realized that's how the blush looks in strong sunlight. I think my indoor photograph (below) is more reflective of the true color of Oasis. It's a darker plummier pink. In the fluorescent lighting of Sephora stores, Oasis looks like a lighter berry toned pink. The most useful way to judge Oasis is through swatches. As you read above, the pan photographs so differently depending on the situation.

          NARS Oasis blush is very pigmented. When I use a standard blush brush to apply it, it's way too dark for my liking. I bet a stippling brush would be more appropriate for lighter skin tones. Too bad I don't have a stippling brush! To be honest, I didn't get a lot of use out of Oasis. That's why I loaned it to my mom. It was just too pigmented and too berry toned for my liking. I was hoping it actually fit the "sparkling pink champagne" description. That said, I think Oasis is an under-rated NARS blush. I think a lot of people out there enjoy this type of color and the high level of pigmentation. It's also a fitting color for fall when we are moving away from peachy tones.

The closest comparison to NARS Oasis in my blush collection was Bobbi Brown Desert Rose.

          I imagined the two to be quite similar. They are both more muted pinks. However you can see that the swatch of NARS Oasis is considerably darker than the swatch of Bobbi Brown Desert Rose.  Like I mentioned above, Oasis is deceptively light in the pan! You can see that the golden glitter is imperceptible when swatched. I think most of it falls off before reaching your face.

          Finally, you can see how well NARS Oasis pairs with NARS Grand Palais (review here) and Outremer (review here) from the Fall 2011 collection. I think they look quite nice together!

          As some of you may know, I've been avoiding blush as of late. I'm trying to give Oasis new life as an occasional eyeshadow. It's a trick I learned from a SA. She paired it with my NARS Bright Lights, Big City palette (seen here). It added nice depth to a smoky eye. Pink can take the edge off harsh colors. I bet a little touch of Oasis with Outremer would look nice as well if you did not buy the rosy Grand Palais duo.

          I hope you enjoyed my review of NARS Oasis. Do any of you have this in your stash? Does it stand among NARS blush greats like Orgasm, Sin, and Deep Throat? Have any of you ever tried hints of blush as eyeshadow? I'd love to hear your thoughts =).

Love, Dovey.


  1. Oasis looks stunning! I can't believe I never really paid attention to it. Now I want to check it out in person :) I can actually see myself using it as an eyeshadow as well, I use many other face/cheek products as eye shadows, even my MSFN which looks amazing on the crease with grey/charcoal smokey eye :)

  2. omg im just like u, i bought this and just NEVER use it, i dont think i even used it once ( how terrible of me!) the description is gorgeous sparkling pink chamgane but in the pan i def dont see that, i think i will bust this out in the fall
    thanks for reminding me of this!

  3. Love it! Am still yet to own a NARS blush, have my sights set on Deep throat!

  4. Thanks for the swatches! I really want to buy Oasis now!

  5. Beautiful pictures and reviews nearly created a lemming, but I already have BB Desert Rose and find it pretty pigmented, so Oasis would probably make me look feverish.

  6. Gorgeous! I went back and forth about getting this but ultimately decided on Luster. This has definitely made my list though!

  7. Oh wow, that's actually really pretty! I love how well it works with that blue shadow!

  8. Oasis looks really nice! How do is compare to sin?

  9. Great photos! I like Oasis a lot but have to be careful not to apply to much! My most-used Nars blush would have to be Deep Throat! :)

  10. this looks so pretty!

  11. I never really gave Oasis a second thought, but I think I need to look into it. I skipped Douceur because I'm so pale that it didn't do my complexion any favors: it seems like Oasis is a more glowy version.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Ohh I love Nars blushes now! I am so hooked on Angelika but I want to try Deep Throat for the fall. I know you love blushes so much, I really hope you stop breaking out from using them!

  13. Ebru- Thanks! I'm inspired to try mixing more shades for eyes after your comment

    Lilladylife- not even once? =P I'm going to try to get some use this fall too.

    Me my best and I - Deep throat is an awesome choice.

    Jamilla- yay!

    Riquetta- I don't actually own Sin, but Sin is much more berry toned and not so pink toned. I almost think Sin might be easier to wear even though it's darker (with stippling of course)

    Zuzu- glad I made that comparison!

    Alex- if I had to get another blush, Luster would probably be #1 on my list

    Pretty in the desert- I'm glad you liked them together

    Makeup Magpie - I'm with you; Deep Throat was a staple for me for a long time

    Kelly - thanks, glad you like it!

    Jessica - I really wanted Douceur too (what a pretty name). I think both are beautiful colors, but need to bee used with caution

    Tasha- Ah! I forgot I had Angelika too. It's one of the shades that looks great on lighter skin (and doesn't overpower). Due to the blush debacle, I never really got to use it. I think I may try to dab a teeny bit on my cheeks and see if I can get away with that

  14. Lovely photos and excellent review! I've had Oasis on my wishlist for a long time, but never actually get round to buying it for some reason. It looks beautiful in your swatches and so does Desert Rose! Will definitely be checking it out next time I visit a counter, along with Coconut Grove which is also on my wishlist thanks to your gorgeous swatches!

  15. Thanks for reminding me to take this out of my stash and revisit. I'll wear it with the matching gloss, of course!

  16. I need this blush, asap!

  17. Nat - thanks! I'm really glad you liked the pictures= )
    Lexi- lucky! I would love to have the matching gloss
    Smhl- lol! I do think it would look lovely on you.

  18. Oasis looks such a gorgeous shade. Thanks so much for a great swatch and comparison x


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