Saturday, September 10, 2011

MAC 211 pointed liner brush review

MAC 211 pointed eyeliner brush
          The first makeup brush I ever owned was an eyeliner brush. When I placed my first MAC online order last week, it seemed fitting that my first MAC brush purchase should be an eyeliner brush: the MAC 211 pointed liner brush.

         The MAC 211 pointed liner brush is listed as a part of the current MAC Me Over collection. It's a very small brush that is used for lining the eyes. I bought it for use with gel liner, although I'm sure it would be useful for a wet powder liner as well. The bristles are cruelty-free synthetic fibers. This is a big plus for me, as I try not to buy fur brushes. The bristles are arranged into a precise point, as you can see in my photos. The shape of the brush is quite firm, though it does have a little bend. According to the sleeve, this brush was made in the USA.

        So far I love my MAC 211. It holds its shape well and can draw an incredibly precise line. My previous go-to gel liner brush was Bobbi Brown's ultra-fine eyeliner, which is also a wonderful brush. The Bobbi Brown ultra fine eyeliner brush is a tiny flat brush so it is able to hold more liner and draw one continuous fluid line. However, it's not ideal for a precise wing, or lining underneath the eyes. The MAC 211 fills the gap I was looking for. It can draw a really thin line, so it's great for drawing a lash-like wing at the end of the eye. It's also great for using gel liner to line the lower lash line. The downside is that it can't hold as much product as my BB brush. I have to dip the brush a few times in the liner to completely line my eye. I have to use short strokes and sometimes layer if the line wasn't drawn thickly enough. However, this to be expected with a precise brush. You don't want it to pick up too much liner! Overall, this is a great brush, and I'm very happy to have this in my collection.

         Here's the MAC 211 pointed liner brush next to my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in black ink. You can see that it's a very small brush. You can also see that I love my gel liner! I haven't tried any MAC fluidlines yet, but I hope to do so soon.

          I hope you enjoyed the photos and review of my newest brush, the MAC 211 pointed liner. I'm excited to have it, and have been using it every day. It's my 3rd MAC brush. (The other two were gifts). I'm pleased with the quality of all my MAC brushes and hope to add more in the future. In fact, I've been exploring MAC quite a bit lately. It's still a bit overwhelming due to the sheer number of products and finishes. I took the plunge and bought some permanent collection eyeshadows, as well as MAC Moleskin eyeshadow from the MAC Me Over collection. Hopefully I'll time to share some photos in the near future.

          Thanks for reading! What are your must-have MAC brushes?

Love, Dovey.


  1. The brush looks very nice~ Thanks for doing this review, will check it out when I go to a MAC counter :). My favorite MAC brush so far has to be the 188 (the small duo fiber brush)! It's great for very pigmented blushes.

  2. Hi Dovey! Thanks for mentioning this brush is synthetic! MAC artists at the counters around here never seem to know which of their brushes are. I want to go pick this up now :)

  3. oh very nice review, i have been debating on purchasing a MAC angled brush for gel liner, but this may be taking its place?

    i love the mac 150, 224, 117, and 168 =)

  4. Amy - I've been thinking about the small duo fiber too!

    Sarah- you can actually check the MAC website. They have detailed info on whether the brushes are synthetic or made from fur products.

    Lilladylife- I have one of the angled brushes--- I don't know if I like them for gel since you have to stick the whole brush blade into the pot! But maybe I'll try. What a list of brushes. I have no idea what each one is, so I'm looking them up now!

  5. Your post really makes me want this brush and I don't even need another brush at all! :) If I could pick one must have MAC brush it would definitely have to be 217. It's just that amazing!

  6. Thanks for this review! MAC brushes seem to be like such great investment brushes that'll last for years! Someday...I'll have do a little splurging. ^^

  7. Ebru - I've been wanting the 217 forever! It seems like the ultimate brush.

    Tiffyama- agreed. Brushes do seem like splurges to me, even though in the big picture they're actually better investments =)

  8. It looks and sounds great! I don't actually own any MAC brushes at all! My brush collection is definitely something I need to work on, I always seem to concentrate on make up and forget all about tools. I've added this one to the brush list though!

  9. Very nice! I have the 212 brush and I think it's a little thicker than this one. I can't wait for your reviews of the MAC products you got! When I was a teenager I used to always buy MAC products and I recently rekindled with them! Btw- Let me know if you got Revlon Vixen... it is indeed part of the perm line :)

  10. Nat - it took me a while to start collecting MAC brushes too!

    tasha- I never went through a MAC phase, but I've recently come to appreciate MAC more now! I haven't gotten Vixen yet, but I certainly will. It's high priority =)


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