Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Bobbi Brown brush collection


         Here's a couple of quick pictures of my Bobbi Brown brush collection. These brushes are the foundation of my makeup application routine. The first brush I ever owned was the Bobbi Brown ultra fine eyeliner brush. The rest burgeoned once I started getting into makeup. I love the combination natural wood handles with the modern jet black ferrules. Something cute and helpful is that each brush has its name / function printed on it.

          My favorite Bobbi Brown brushes include the eyeshadow brush, the eye shader brush, the ultra-fine liner brush, and the face blender brush. The eyeshadow brush is soft and fluffy and perfect for picking up highly pigmented shadows like Bobbi's. The eye shader brush is a large flat topped brush that is perfect for brushing a base color all over my lid, which is the Bobbi Brown technique. The ultra-fine liner brush is beloved by many. It's great for drawing a smooth gel liner line. It's the last brush in the photo below. You can tell the wood is oxidized from old age. It also has doggie teeth marks, thanks to Baby Bird. The face blender brush is a multi-tasker. It was great when my brush collection was a smaller size. It has a fluffy and soft rounded head. I've used it for blush, highlighter, bronzer, and powder. It's good for diffuse application.

         My other brushes include the foundation brush, the lip brush, the eyebrow brush, the cream eyeshadow brush, the concealer brush and the eyeliner (synthetic) brush. The one brush I don't like is the lip brush. The brush has a black cover that doubles as the end of the brush. That way, you can throw it your makeup bag and keep things safe and clean. At the same time you get a full length brush when necessary. The idea is nice, but the fit of the cover is loose on the brush, so I'm worried it's going to fall off at any moment. Most of the brushes have natural fibers. The only synthetic brushes are the eyeliner brush and the foundation brush. I love this collection and many of these brushes daily. Sadly, I won't be adding more Bobbi Brown brushes to my set since I'm trying to buy cruelty-free synthetics these days. However, you can bet that if there's a new synthetic BB brush, I'll be sure to scoop it up!

          Thanks for taking a peek at my Bobbi Brown brush collection. They're a glimpse into my makeup history. Bobbi Brown was my first real makeup love. Before I discovered NARS, I was a Bobbi devotee. Bobbi's Makeup Manual was my only makeup study guide until I found blogs in the world wide web =). Do you build your brush collection around one brand as well? How did you get your start in makeup? I'm wondering if there are any beauty bookworms like me out there!



  1. WOW that is QUITE a collection! its beautiful!!! and drool worthy!!!! my brush collection is from all over, but I dont think I have a single one from Bobbi Brown =\ feel kinda out of the loop now lol

  2. Ooh! What a lovely brush collection. So sleek looking too since they all are from Bobbi Brown.

    I don't own anything Bobbi Brown, but I've been wanting to!

  3. I have most of the brushes you have, and I love them ALL!

  4. Amazing brush collection!! They look in great condition.

  5. Wowza, amazing brush collection! To answer your query about Origins Vitazing, I find it works well on me because it doesn't cause irritation or breakouts, but it's not super-moisturizing (good for me, because I get oily). I'm not sure how well it works with a regular moisturizer underneath. It feels heavy when you put it on but dries to feel like nothing is there, which I like. The tint in it allows it to replace foundation if you don't have spots like me, but you'd probably still want some concealer on any redness or dark circles. It smells nice, too. Really, it is hard to beat!

  6. What an impressive collection! Me too, I was only into BB (as well as MAC) before I discovered Nars and Chanel :-P My favorite makeup books are by Rae Morris, I find her books are the most practical and have learnt so much out of it!

  7. Lilladylife, Tiffyama, Jamilla, and Pelenope Thank you for the wonderful comments =)

    Sarah- Thanks for the Origins description. I might check it out in store!

    Rei- Awesome! I've never heard of her before, but I'm definitely going to check out Rae Morris now. I love thumbing through makeup books =)

  8. Wow this is a very extensive and amazing brush collection! I really like Bobbi Brown x

  9. I am now buying cruelty free brushes too and would love to find a dupe for the Bobbi Brown eye shader brush. Do you know of any decent dupes?

    1. Hi Spar Kle, that's awesome! I think Urban Decay and Eco-Tools both carry synthetic eye brushes with large heads that can cover a lot of area like the eye shader. I don't have them in my collection yet, but I would love to get them sometime!

    2. Hi Dovey, thanks so much for that information, I will definitely check them out : )


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