Saturday, September 17, 2011

MAC Moleskin eyeshadow review

          MAC Moleskin eyeshadow was released as a part of the enormous 2011 MAC Me Over collection. It's probably as understated as you can get for an eyeshadow.  Despite this, it was the standout for me in the MAC Me Over collection. After seeing promo photos and swatches on Getting Cheeky, I succumbed to the temptation and purchased MAC Moleskin. I certainly do not regret it!

         MAC Moleskin eyeshadow is a light cafe au lait color with nude pink tones. The pink tones really appeal to me. I think they look more natural against my skin than a pure tan or brown, which can look muddy. I've used Moleskin every day since I've gotten it. I've been favoring a more natural eye lately, and this is the perfect crease color. It adds just a little depth and is subtle so that no-one would ever guess I even have a color in my crease. Prior to this, I would blend Urban Decay's Buck and Naked together for the same effect. Buck was a little too dark while Naked was too light. You can see comparison swatches further down in my review. Moleskin also makes a good blending color. I prefer to use lighter tans, instead of browns, to blend out harsh colors, so it fits the bill. The pigmentation and texture are also great. Often many matte neutral eyeshadows have a chalky feel, however this is not the case with Moleskin. I felt the quality was similar to my Bobbi Brown mattes, which is quite a compliment.

          I had to include photos with Moleskine notebooks. I admit that part of MAC Moleskin's appeal to me is in its name! Mr Lovey and I have a bunch of Moleskine notebooks littered around our apartment. My favorite is my Snoopy Moleskine.

          Finally, I have comparison swatches of other tan-toned matte neutral shadows to compare with MAC Moleskin. I was sure I would have a near duplicate of Moleskin somewhere in my collection, however I was wrong. I thought the pinky tones of Bobbi Brown Malted would make it identical to Moleskin, however you can see that it is much much lighter. As I mentioned above, Urban Decay Naked is lighter, while Urban Decay Buck is darker. Neither are as pink toned. Bobbi Brown Oat is the most similar shade, however it is more yellow-toned. Bobbi Brown Taupe is darker and browner than Moleskin.

MAC Moleskin, Urban Decay Naked, Urban Decay Buck , Bobbi Brown Malted, Bobbi Brown Oat, and Bobbi Brown Taupe eyeshadow swatches
         I hope you enjoyed my review of MAC Moleskin eyeshadow. It's a very basic color that is great for everyday use. If hints of pink in eyeshadow flatter you as well, this is must-have. Did any of you pick up Moleskin as well? Or do you already have the perfect neutral? On another note, is anyone going to try any of the pro longwear eyeshadows in the upcoming collections? Some of the colors look quite nice.

Love, Dovey.

P.S. Sitting in the sun and blogging on a cool breezy day reminds me how wonderful fall weather is. Hope you're enjoying the current climate as well =)


  1. Thanks for this review- I really love shades like this. Basic workhorse's that can stand alone or be combined with other neutrals.

    This is going on my wishlist!

    XX jeanie

  2. ha ha - I similarly blend together buck and naked as I find one too light and one too dark! My favourite natural crease colour is from the guerlain rue di rivoli palette, I think its like a lighter mac wedge.

  3. Ah so you did end up getting it :) I'm happy you've been liking it, I completely agree that it's the perfect blending color in addition to being the perfect "not too dramatic" crease color for a day look.

    And you read my mind! I almost photographed mine with a few of my Moleskines as well.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Moleskin looks like one of those staples you'll keep on using till you hit pan!

  5. Thanks for this review and the helpful comparisons. I was looking at this today in the mall & definitely plan to get it next weekend. It looks like a great, basic & very useful color! :)

  6. I think I'm too yellow/green for this color. I was totally drooling for it but when I swatched it just wasn't exactly right on my skin. It looks great in your swatch, and I love the subtly-defined crease look you described.

  7. MM - me too!

    Baby in a corner- haha, it's great to hear that we've been doing the same thing =) Maybe I should take a look at MAC wedge

    Jessica - yes! Thanks so much for posting it on your blog. I'm really happy I got it!

    Jamilla- you bet!

    Makeup Magpie - I'm glad I had good timing =) I waited really long to get this too

    Sarah - i think pink tones might actually look better on your skin! I have olive toned skin too.

  8. I love Moleskine notebooks :) I might end up getting this color. I am loving Outre as a nice blending and crease color as well.

  9. This is a really helpful post, I was going to get this but thought it would be too warm, but I am going to go back and get it now ;)

  10. Moleskin looks like such a beautiful neutral color! While reading your post, I was curious on how it compared to UD's "Naked", but that curiously was curbed when seeing your swatches! Such a gorgeous neutral!! I can see why you've been wearing it so often. :]

  11. I just love your in depth reviews they are so helpful! I'm really into neutrals and brown bronzey colours I think this would be great addition to anyone's collection as it is a staple basic colour! I too love mixing naked and buck together :D

  12. Excellent review, photos and swatches! I haven't been paying much attention to MAC lately and nothing from the MAC Me Over collection really appealed to me. Moleskin looks like a lovely staple though, so I might have to check it out. Malted and Taupe also look like fantastic shades!

  13. this is such a pretty color! I may have to go run out and get it. This first time I saw it I wasn't too impressed by it, but it's gorgeous!

  14. Martha- Outre is such an interesting color; I can't say I'm as brave as you to try it =P

    Replica- I'm glad my swatches were helpful =)

    Tiffyama - I guess we think alike!

    Carla - hehe, I guess mixing buck and naked is more common than i thought!

    Nat - I wasn't much of a MAC collector until lately. I've certainly used BB malted a lot in the past!

    Dolly Daydream - Thanks =)

    Kelly - It's definitely not the flashiest color. If you have time, check it out!

  15. Moleskin looks lovely- and I like how you did the comparison ^^ it helps a lot!

    reply - I've been using the MUFE liner on my lower waterline and inner corner of the eye~

  16. Beautiful color! Sometimes we just need a basic neutral eyeshadow :) I recently got a MAC 15 pan palette that I need to fill up with eye shadows! I am having a difficult time choosing which ones to purchase... they have so many great ones !

  17. Gorgeous picture, excellent review. In fact I am so glad I read it because it will save me from a mistake. So pretty in the pictures--too warm on me!

    I adore basic neutrals but mine gots ta be cool.

  18. I should buy this just because my husband is a big 'ol geek for moleskin journals!

    I actually do like some of the shadows in this collection. I'm delightfully surprised!

  19. Awesome swatches! I didn't get Moleskin because I already have Mac's Kid, Wedge & Cork that I use as a transition color for my eyeshadow looks. =)


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