Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspired by Burmese monks (19th cent.)

          There is always one point during the year when I'm drawn to the color purple. In fact, that time is usually mid to late fall, which is right about now. Recently I was inspired by this pair of kneeling monks from Burma (Myanmar) circa the 19th century. The golden bronze contrasting alongside the blackened indigo-purple was quite stunning. The colors feel regal, yet zen. When it comes to makeup, purple, bronze, and gold are some of my least favorite colors. It was therefore a good time to step out of my comfort zone and play with these colors.

          I have a friend who seems to wear purple eyeliner every time I see her. It's actually quite pretty. The purples I have are Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Aqua eyes liner in 6L and 11L. I mix 6L and 11L to get my desired blackened purple effect. The closest color to gold I have is MUFE 9L. You can see from the swatches below that 6L is a blackened berry, 11L is a medium purple, and 9L is a metallic yellow.

          While exploring my purple and gold color story, I pulled some of the purple and gold nail polish I have. For someone who doesn't use purple a lot, I have quite a few purple nail polish bottles. I wish I had a more indigo-blue toned purple to fit the bill today.

I also have Sephora by OPI's Only Gold For Me, which is a gold glitter topcoat with larger hex glitter and smaller pieces of glitter mixed in.
Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me top coat
SOPI Iris I was thinner, SOPI Domestic Goddess, SOPI Only Gold for me, SOPI Metro Chic, OPI Tease-y does it

          Below, you can see swatches of Sephora by OPI Iris I was Thinner, Domestic Goddess, Metro Chic, and OPI Tease-y Does it. I think my favorite is SOPI Iris I was thinner. It's a very pretty blue-toned lavender. SOPI Domestic Goddess is a fuschia purple. SOPI Metro Chic was an incredibly popular color a few years back. It's a chic greyed mushroom purple. OPI Tease-y does it was released in the Burlesque movie collection. It has multi-faceted shimmer, which brings life to an otherwise dark color base. I've been switching up my pedicures using some of these purples. Right now I have on Metro-Chic.

          Thanks for reading my indigo-purple and golden bronze "inspired by" post. I'm trying to get the most use out of these colors before I go back to my usual non-purple frame of mind. If you want more purple and gold eyeliners, check out Makeup Magpie's recent post of the NARS Holiday 2011 eyeliners. St. Mark's Place and Campo de' Fiori would fit into the color scheme quite nicely =).

Love, Dovey. 


  1. It was a favorite color of mine, so I'm told, when I was a baby, but my older sister claimed it as her favorite color and ever since I have to practically force myself to wear purples (because they're flattering with my eye color). I'm a greens girl, all the way!

  2. Ah, purple and gold are such a fab combo! OPI Tease-y Does it is a beautiful shade!

  3. Can I say it again? I absolutely love these posts. Though you seem to already have your bases covered, the two new NARS Larger Than Life liners released for the holiday collection seem right up your alley ;)

    ♥ Jessica

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  5. Such a great post! The colors are beautiful- Maybe I should try purple+gold liners now... ^^

  6. I love your museum photos! Surprisingly, gold and purple really do complement each other nicely. 'Iris I Was Thinner' is such a pretty nail shade. Thanks so much for the mention! :)

  7. Gorgeous post. Love your artistic mind! I used to love purple so much but it's died down a bit. Now I want to rummage through for my purple polishes! =)

  8. oh I love these colours too! (looks like everybody has loved purple at some point lol)

    Gold liner would be cool....and maybe you can consider purple/ gold eyeshadow as well?

  9. Sarah- what a good story! Sister dynamics are so interesting aren't they? I think green is an equally awesome color!

    Larie - thank you! I don't get enough wear out of it usually. But I will now!

    Jessica - thank you for your encouragement as always! I agree, I'm lemming those liners, but trying to resist!

    Amy thanks! Give it a try =)

    Makeup Magpie - thank you! I keep browsing your post. The colors are so beautiful!

    Liz- Yes! Succumb to purple madness!

    ZZ- Oh, I completely agree. I should explore gold liners seeing as I don't have any real ones. I think purple gold eyeshadow would be really cool too. Unfortunately my collection doesn't run deep in those colors =)

  10. you are so creative! Such a great combination of shades!

    Lovely nail polishes, I really love the look of the gold top coat!!

  11. Dovey, you're so cool! Great inspiration - I'm definitely going to keep my out for some and do a similar post. Thanks for keeping us bloggers on our toes :)

  12. hi dovey!
    i have tagged you and would be really happy if you'd participate in the i <3 eyeshadow palettes - tag!

  13. Jamilla and Penelope- thank you for the nice comments!

    Alex- definitely do one! I'd love to see what you've got in mind =)

    Ketoglutarat- thank you! I loved your post. I will try to put together something soon.

  14. Teasy Does It is a pretty color. I love purples :D

  15. Pretty awesome inspiration - you inspire me!


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