Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sephora Friends and Family haul

          Today I'm presenting my purchases from the Sephora Friends and Family sale this year. I was inspired to post by Beauty Vigilante, who shared her haul as well. It's fascinating to see what essentials people pare their lists down to. It says a lot about them, don't you think? I tried to stick to big-ticket basics like foundation and foundation and tools. Recently I've had the notion that I'd fallen a little out of love with NARS. However, judging from the number of black cardboard boxes in my Sephora haul, this was clearly not the case!

          Recently, I've been exploring foundation. I've used most of my NARS Sheer Glow in Ceylan (Light 6) and love the formula, however I felt the color washed me out because it lacked pink. I therefore picked up NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville (Light #4) which has a mix of yellow and pink undertones. Secondly, I've wanted to try MUFE HD foundation for a long time, because of it's photogenicity. I ordered MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation #118 (Flesh) in a value kit that came with the HD powder, primer, and kabuki brush.

          In terms of eye products I ordered NARS Manchourie eyeshadow duo, NARS creamy concealer in Vanilla, NARS Smudgeproof eyeshadow base, and Sephora Professionel Smoky eye brush. My favorite product so far is the smoky eye brush that I first read about on The Non-Blonde. I didn't know what I was missing until I got this a couple days ago! I was also quite excited to get NARS Manchourie eyeshadow duo. I've been using this as liner for the past two days, and will try to post a review and photos this weekend.

          To satisfy my nail needs, I picked up NARS Orgasm and NARS Bad Influence nail polishes. Both had been on my list for a while. I was sad since I had missed out on Bad Influence, however it recently reappeared on Sephora's website for steal at $8! I also picked up the Tweezerman petite manicure set. It seems like a travel friendly kit, and I was much in need of a pushy tool and a hangnail clipper.In post-sale retrospect, I think I should have ordered more nail polish! I could have used some pink Sephora by OPIs.

          And.... this is for my mom, per her request. It's Christian Dior Capture R60/80 XP Wrinkle correction eye cream. Does anyone know why all Dior products have ridiculously long, difficult to remember names? Also, on a funny side note, the product is listed on Sephora as "wrinkle restoring cream". I'm not sure people would want their wrinkles 'restored'!

          I also received a 500-point BUXOM perk, that I'm enjoying now, as well as a 12 oz. bottle of Philosophy Purity face wash as a 100 point perk. I probably have enough Purity at this point to wash my face well into next next year! I also find the fact that I have 600 points sitting around to be somewhat disturbing, but I should probably not dwell on that fact... Products that I barely passed on during the sale were more Sephora Professionel brushes, NARS Orgasm multiple, NARS Brumes eyeshadow duo, and more nail polish.

          Thanks for reading! Is everyone else enjoying their Sephora Friends and Family hauls? Care to share any surprise favorites?

Love, Dovey


  1. Nice haul! I grabbed the MUFE HD Foundation with this sale as well haha.
    And that Nars duo looks gorgeous!

  2. Great haul!!! I was tempted to get the MUFE Mat Velvet...but instead just got the NARS blush palette. BUT, I want to order again. lol. -sigh- and that NARS Bad Influence polish would be perfect for the fall season. <3

  3. Oh wow you got some amazing things, I'm quite jealous that there's no Sephora here, haha. I love those Makeup Forver products. Enjoy!

  4. Wow so many stuff!! =D I think I need to include that smokey eye brush in my next order as well - it looks really nice. And thanks for sharing Dovey! I'll post mine asap xx

  5. Nice haul - guess I'm not getting that Clarisonic brush after all =(

  6. Didn't get anything from this sale (not available to Canada), but I love the items that you picked out!

  7. I Love your haul! Too bad I'm not in the States right now...

  8. What a great haul! I can't believe I didn't partake in the sale!

  9. Awesome haul! Thanks for the shout-out :) I should have bought more foundation products but I'm so afraid of a poor color-match or skin incompatibility. One of these days I'm going to take my butt to the Chanel counter! LOL @ wrinkle restoring... horrible idea :-P That NARS duo looks gorgeous and I've heard so many good things about the eye primer. Will you please review? I trust your opinion more than others... sorry this comment is so long!

  10. Nice! I've never tried any NARS products outside of their blushes. What's their general quality like?

    I still need to place my Sephora order, LOL. :)

  11. OOH, great haul! How I wish we had a Sephora here. Love the Nars Orgasm nail polish!

  12. We don't have the Sephora F&Fs sale here in Canada, but I don't know if that is a bad thing since I may have saved money! What a great haul though :) I can't wait to see your review on the HD foundation and the other items too !!

  13. Oh my you got some good stuff!! I would like to know about the Make Up Forever brush and the Nars eye shadow duo! :)

  14. love your haul! so much nars :D cant wait to see your post on the eyeshadow duo, it looks so lovely!

  15. I think my haul is supposed to arrive today :D I'm excited! Although yes, I have 600 points sitting around now, too...I try not to think about that too much ._.

    And yes, thank you - I also find Dior names really long and unnecessary!

  16. Oh my goodness, this haul is AMAZING! I can't wait for the unless amount of reviews and swatches you'll be doing! :D

    I live in Canada, and we do have the F&F. I've purchased a few MUFE & NARS items; but nothing like your haul. lol :p

  17. How fun! Enjoy your new toys, Dovey! =)

  18. Lovely haul, Dovey! It seems like all of that fretting and reworking of your list really paid off :)

    ♥ Jessica

  19. AHH ur haul, im drooling at all ur new nars and mufe! u almost finished NARS sheer glow? wow! takes forever to finish a foundation ( i always think)

    after i placed my order i had enough pts for the 500 Laura Mercier gift!! I want it!!! but need nothing else...
    I passed on a LM eye shadow primer which I now need bc I realized i ran out of my NARS one..Tarte Blushing bride, and a Dior lipstick which is not out of stock grrr lol
    thanks for sharing!!!

    Dior does have long names!!!! R60/80 are u serious?!

  20. Seana- thanks! I would love to hear how you're liking the MUFE as well.

    Tiffyama - the blush palette looked awesome! I can't wait to see pictures

    Heather- gosh, no Sephora?!

    Amy- I love that brush! Can't wait to see your haul

    Lexi- why not? (Although, I also gave up on the Clarisonic too... there's always other things I seem to need)

    Justine and Jamilla- Thank you!

    productdoctor- I can't believe you didn't either. How is that possible =P?

    Sarah- I agree that foundation matching can be difficult. For F&F I swatched the colors on my hand in-store to see what they looked like. It was still hard to tell since I didn't apply to my face! Fortunately I chose pretty well this time. I've just posted pictures of MAndchourie! I'm glad my reviews are helpful for you!

    Pretty Me Purple- I love NARS eyeshadows and foundation as well! The lipsticks are also nice and light in texture. I'm not a huge fan of their skincare.

    Penelope- I'm excited about O too =)
    Tasha- I will try to soon! I've only worn HD for one full day so far. I think it may not be for dry skin as other reviews have suggested. However, I can already tell it will photograph well =)

    Dani and Kelly - will do!

    Larie- I'm excited for you =) Have fun!

    StealMyHeartLove- enjoy your haul too! Thinking about the swatching and reviews that must happen is quite daunting =P I'm glad we like the same things!

    Liz- you bet!

    Jessica- you're so right. I feel relieved that it's over, if that makes any sense!

    Lilladylife- well, I guess I didn't finish the other bottle completely, but I was past the halfway mark for sure! I needed a new color, so I bought it anyway. I can't believe there was a LM gift--- when I ordered it was only Buxom (I think) =)

  21. Your haul is absolutely lovely and obviously well-thought out.

  22. Your haul is absolutely lovely and obviously well-thought out.


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