Monday, October 10, 2011

LUSH haul: It's Raining Men + more!

          Recently, I rewarded myself with a bit of LUSH therapy. Lately, skincare, bath and body, and hair purchases have taken precedence over makeup. After all, a painted face is only a small part of the portrait! I'm trying to take my skin back to its glory days (if that's even possible) and to learn how to manage my hair. I've never really had a handle on my hair.

          LUSH is currently having a mini-skincare event, as I first saw on Daydream Amy. The samples are 0.4oz and are priced cheaper per oz. than their full sized counterparts. I've been wanting to try Enzymion and Gorgeous, so I was really excited to get my hands on these pots. Enzymion is supposed to be citrus-y mattifying for oily skin. Gorgeous is supposed to be great for everyone, and is LUSH's most expensive moisturizer. I've tried each for a week. I think Gorgeous feels a bit more balanced for my skin. However, I need to  try both products longer to see how well I like them.

          I have a tendency to mill about LUSH for long periods of time, so I end up being helped by at least three different people. The LUSH staff are just so eager to educate you. It can be intimidating if you're just browsing, however it's helpful if you've got a couple things in the basket. I always ask for samples of products I'm interested in trying. This time I got a generous sample of BIG Shampoo. Big is famous for it's sea salt and lime-based volumizing abilities (think beach hair). I'm currently contemplating mixing BIG into my normal hair routine since I already use their solid shampoo bars. I also got a sample of LUSH R+B which is a hair finisher. R+B is supposed to smooth away frizz and flyaways. This would be helpful on my curly/wavy hair. I also like the idea of a more natural hair smoothener, as opposed to some oily silicone-y synthetics which might make me break out. I haven't tried this sample yet because my hair's been under control by my new American Cream conditioner. Finally, I randomly received a sample of LUSH Coconut deodorant powder. A sales associate told me it could be used as a dry shampoo as well. I'm curious to see if that works. I haven't tried yet because I never miss washing my hair.

          Finally, I have a medium sized bottle of LUSH American Cream Conditioner and a small LUSH It's Raining Men shower gel. Previously, I used LUSH Jungle conditioner on the tips of my hair. It's extremely conditioning, and great if I want to dry my hair straight. However, it can weigh down my fine hair and reduce my curl definition. Because of this, I got American Cream which is a lighter conditioner. It's the mid-range conditioner in their line. When I condition my hair with it, my curls are retained, but less frizzy. It also has a gorgeous cream smell that really lingers even out of the shower.  It's Raining Men is a previously limited edition shower gel that is now a part of LUSH's permanent shower gel lineup. It smells similar to the LUSH Honey I washed the kids soap. The smell is sweet like honey with a hint of vanilla. According to LUSH it's a "fudge toffee" smell. Yum.

         As you can see, I've been having good showers lately! More than anything, I love what LUSH has done for my hair. The natural products make it feel clean, soft, and wavy (not frizzy). I feel like I'm finally learning how to handle my hair. Thanks for reading! Are there any LUSH loves or hair revelations you've had lately?

Love, Dovey.

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  1. ah its raining men sounds good!!! fudge toffee?? sign me up! i did like the scent of honey i washed the kids but i dont really enjoy bar soap!

    The lush staff are always so helpful and it seems every employee is very well educated before going out on the floor! instead of saying... this is good...

    From Lush I enjoy the angels on bare skin as a mild exfoliator that can be used daily, and the mask of magnaminty!!! Tea tree water which I have repruchased numerous times, and also Potion Lotion Body Cream which is part of their Retro line and i think can only be purchased online but smells like carnations =)

    Thanks for sharing, may go in for it's raining men!!

  2. Thanks for the sexy pics! I'm a Lushie too - my current fave is Snow Fairy!

  3. I need to get my hands on It's Raining Men, I love their Honey I washed the kids scent! I liked the smell of Big too, but didn't like the squeaky clean feeling in my hair that much. x

  4. *Yay* Lush goodies =D

  5. I really want to get It's Raining Men! It's been on my list since it came out in February. I've never tried many hair care products from lush. What do you recommend?

  6. I should really try It's Raingin Men someday as I LOVE Honey i Washed The Kids!

  7. Dovey, I think I might have to talk momma into getting some of that stuff for daddy. He doesn't always smell the bestest! Thank you for your support these past few weeks. They've been tough but with our friends we are pulling through!


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