Sunday, October 9, 2011

On my mind

           This little prismatic rainbow was an unexpected surprise at a bus stop the other day. Sometimes grimy panes of glass can filter light into something beautiful. Speaking of transportation, I saw this pair of silver hummers. I couldn't help but wonder whose entourage was out rollin' in these gas guzzlers.

          I want to start my 'inspired by' posts again. They tend to be more difficult for me to put together because I have to find both a piece of art and a color palette that really speak to me in the moment. I have my inspiration, but don't have the colors yet! I need to order them from MAC. The painting below is of Paris. It's not my inspiration, but it's such an everyday-elegant city scene.

          I have to attend a wedding soon and realized I have no basic dresses to wear. The few I have are too fancy, too summer, or too patterned. I don't even have a LBD! Jeez. I figured it was time to buy a good basic dress I could wear to variety of occasions. I settled on a silk crepe dress from J. Crew in the color Graphite. I feel completely gorgeous in it. Light grey is definitely my color. I'm going to call this my 'LGD'.

          Speaking of J.Crew, Mr. Lovey took me to one outside my usual downtown location. It's surprising how well stocked stores outside of city epicenters are. They actually have things you want in stock. I was only there to return the dress that was too big, however I did have a good time ogling the color palette. Here's the accessory rack. I'm a real minimalist when it comes to baubles, so most of these things would be too much excitement for me. However, they do look nice clustered together.

          I'm going through a LUSH renaissance lately. After seeing mini moisturizers on Daydream Amy, I had to get a couple for myself. Bath Bombs (below) are what LUSH is famous for, but I'm more in love with their hair-care products. I'll share a LUSH haul sometime soon.

          October is one of my favorite months. I love the crisp air and all the colors that come with it. Here's a pile of gnarly pumpkins that really epitomizes that mood.

      Finally here's a bouquet that Mr. Lovey brought home for me. Flowers surely make a girl feel special =).

         So those are the eclectic things on my mind lately. In terms of makeup I've been enamored with Chanel as of late. I've been clicking and re-clicking on reviews of Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation on Front Row Beauty and Cafe Makeup. I'll likely be getting it in B10. I'm also ogling Chanel Rouge Carat nail polish which is swatched on Beauty Look Book. The glossimer in Sweet Beige, found on Natural N Chic makeup, will likely be a must-have for me as well. I'm also realizing that I should have picked up Chanel Graphite a long time ago. It would look nice with my LGD, and who am I kidding, I love grey. You can see Graphite and other great fall nail colors on Chiki's Nails. Right now I'm just lying in wait for a good beauty event before pouncing.

          Speaking of Chanel, I just watched the film Coco before Chanel, which is about Gabrielle Chanel's early life (pre-Nazi era). After seeing that and reading her wiki bio, I'm not sure whether to like or dislike her. Regardless, she was a true innovator and female mogul, a rarity in her time. The movie is worth queuing on Netflix if you have time. Thanks for reading! I hope your weekends went well. Any stores / nature / movies catch your eye this weekend?

Love, Dovey.


  1. Lovely post Dovey! I'm excited to see another of your inspired by art posts. I'm putting together some inspired by literature posts coming later this fall ... I hope you don't feel as though it's infringing on you too much! It's just such a brilliant concept, and for a former English lit and French lit student like myself I cannot resist!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love your inspired by art posts, it really made your blog stand out for me :)

  3. Love this post. I watched the movie you are talking about before and I can't help but agree wholeheartedly about my feelings towards her as a person. Either way I love her brand. :) thanks for always having a good read.

  4. A beautiful post:) I have a wedding this coming weekend and wish Australia had a J Crew because that dress is so pretty!

  5. i love your 'inspired by' posts. Although art is not my core subject I've been working at an art museum for the past three years and art has held a special place in my heart even if I don't happen to know that much about it. I love your dress too I have one in a similar colour and material from french connection!

  6. Thanks for the update! Very Autumnal!

  7. Thank you so much for the mention Dovey :-) The snippet of your "LGD" looks so the fabric and the color.

  8. Such stunning images! Evokes thoughts of Autumn. I agree with you about Chanel. I love the brand, but am unsure if I like the woman herself, especially with all the claims of her being a nazi sympathizer!

  9. I am thinking about trying Perfection Lumiere as well- B10 would be my color. Look forward to your post!

  10. If you really like Chanel, I recommend reading 'The Gospel According to Coco Chanel'. It's a fairly easy read, but entertaining nonetheless!

  11. Oh wow, I had no idea that Chanel was in cahoots with the Nazis. They conveniently left that out in the movie starring Audrey Tatou!

    I love the dress you picked - hurray for LGDs! And Mr. Dovey has lovely taste in flowers. Have a great week! :)

  12. Jessica, Sarah, and Carla - thanks so much for the encouragement. I feel inspired to get it done now!

    LauraJean, Penelope, and Liz - I agree, the brand is wonderful, but sometimes histories are so complex!

    Kelly- thanks for the recommendation. I was actually thinking about reading more. I'm intrigued!

    Martha- awesome =) we can compare notes. I hope I'll get it soon. I've been liking my VA, but feel like I need a little more coverage lately. Perfection lumiere should fit the bill.

    Emmabovary and Rei - thanks! I'm excited about my dress too =)

    Jamilla- happy autumn! Although, I suppose you're somewhere nice, warm, and pumpkin free at the moment =P

  13. Love the LGD! Speaking of J. Crew, I saw an ad in the new Vogue for their Edie handbag I thought was cute so I went to the website and I've been lost in there for over 30 minutes! Now I"m lost perusing your blog. =)

  14. Aw thank you so much for the shout out girl! Your dress is beautiful and I love your inspiration posts (I am honored to be part of one!). I always ask myself who buys those hummers too! Not only are they gaz guzzlers, they seem impossible to park. Ugh!

  15. Great post & lovely photos! I like the photo of the rainbow at the bus stop :)


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