Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bobbi Brown Ultimate Party Collection palette (Holiday 2011) - swatches

          Earlier this week I posted photos of my Bobbi Brown Ultimate Party Collection palette for Holiday 2011. As promised, I'm posting swatches of the eyeshadows in this palette.

The color swatches include:

1. Navajo - is a metallic near white eyeshadow.
2. Chrome Patina- is a light taupey grey shimmer wash eyeshadow.
3.  Pewter - is a pewter, or golden silver, chrome eyeshadow that was released as a limited edition color in 2009. I love this color!
4. Plum Steel - is a dusty purple metallic eyeshadow.
5. Plum Navy - is a matte plum eyeshadow.
6. Crushed Granite - is a shimmery light purple eyeshadow. It's a sparkle eyeshadow, so it has more sparkle, but less base color.
7. Antique Gold - is an orange-gold metallic eyeshadow
8. Black Topaz -  is a gold-grey eyeshadow. It seems to have a tinge of green as well.

          If you aren't familiar with Bobbi's eyeshadow finishes, I'll give a brief summary. Eye shadow refers to her well pigmented matte shadows. Metallic eye shadows are well pigmented eyeshadows with a shiny/metallic finish. The metallic finish is much more subtle than your typical Urban Decay or other brands' idea of metallic finishes.  Shimmerwash eye shadows also have shimmer and shine, but are more subtle than the metallic eye shadows. They also tend to to be more sheer. Sparkle eye shadows have a very sparkly and sheer finish. Chrome is a finish that was limited edition, I believe. To me, it seems to be similar to the metallic finish.

          My favorite eyeshadows have been Chrome Patina, Pewter, and Plum Navy. I love the cool grey-purple eye I can make from that combination. I hope this was helpful for people looking for swatches of Bobbi Brown's Ultimate Party Collection palette. Thanks for reading!

Love, Dovey.


  1. I want! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome selection - totally up my alley!

  3. LOL @ Swatches on the palette! I love it! That is very pretty! I wanna see you do a look with them :D

  4. They look really nice! Thanks for the swatches.

  5. Love pewter. I like how subtle these all seem :)

  6. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! wonderful how the palette shade was just the right amount of squares to write out swatches! love that!

  7. Simply beautiful! Bobbi Brown knows just how to create a soft but pigmented eyeshadow. Thank you for the awesome swatches.

  8. Thank you so much for the swatches! I was really looking forward to them as I'm a huge BB fan. What did you think of the quality of the shadows though? Looking at the swatches I have the impression that the bottom row is less smooth and pigmented. In my experience the quality of the shadows in the BB palettes is inferior to the quality of her singles.

  9. I love this palette! These look so pretty :D

  10. I LOVE Bobbi Brown palettes! I think I'm going to go for the only pastel palette being offered during the holidays!

  11. Thanks for the swatches! Chrome Patina and Pewter looks lovely :)

  12. Gorgeous palette! Chrome Patina and Pewter are probably the only two I don't already have but I might have to check this out!

  13. StealMyHeartLove, Alex, LauraJean, Lyn, Sarah, Kristie, and Kelly - Thanks so much!

    Lillady life- agreed. I love writing on squares =)

    Alice- Hm, that's a good question. I've never put a lot of thought into comparing Bobbi Brown palette textures with the full size pans. However, now that you mention it, perhaps there is a slight difference! I think your observation that the top row swatches and wears better is true. I did have a tad more difficulty laying down the second row. I mostly use the top row, so this doesn't bother me too much. I use Plum Navy to add a little depth and it blends in nicely despite appearance of the swatch.

    Jamilla - can't wait til you get it! I think it's a UK exclusive =)

    Amy and Tania - those are my favorites from the palette =)


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