Friday, October 7, 2011

MAC Parisian Skies Eyeshadow

           I realize I haven't posted my September 2011 favorites yet, and we're well into October. In the meantime, here's a picture story of one of my favorites last month: MAC Parisian Skies eyeshadow. MAC Parisian Skies is a completely gorgeous dusty grey blue. I imagined it to be a little drop of perfection, falling out of an imaginary faucet in an overcast sky.

         MAC Parisian Skies is a dusty grey-blue satin finish eyeshadow. You can see glints of blue shine in the pan, however it is barely noticeable in my swatch below. The color is gorgeous. A faded blue like this is definitely missing in the MAC permanent eyeshadow lineup, so it's a limited edition product worth looking at. My neutral choices more regularly include greys rather than browns and I love a good blue-grey. Therefore, it's not surprising that I would like a grey-blue. This is obvious in retrospect, but I wavered on the decision to buy because I wasn't sure how I would use a blue. The answer was quite easy. This is a grey-blue, so I use it exactly as I would a blue-grey. I usually use it along the lashline, outer corners, or crease.

          The closest colors I have to Parisian Skies are MAC Scene and MAC Soot eyeshadows. They're both greys that lean blue. They're quite different from a the blue-grey Parisian Skies, however you can see how they belong in the same color family.

          Thanks for checking out my long overdue post and swatches of MAC Parisian Skies. It's still available at MAC online (as of this post), if anyone is still interested. I would highly recommend it if you're a grey aficionado like me. In my book, it's practically a neutral! Hope everyone's having a great weekend =)

Love, Dovey.


  1. wow the first picture is amazing with the shadows and how MAC comes out on the powder in the picture!!!! I missed out on this product bc of P10P but this blue looks incredible!!!!! not childish but more adult! may have to buy it online like u recc!

  2. Wow, I don't think this would have looked as good on me since I'm darker than you. Glad I skipped it. It looks great on you though!

    Yes, even though it's well into October, I am planning to submit my Sept favs as well!

  3. It's the perfect shade of blue for your complexion!

  4. The swatch does look lovely. I wonder if the gray-blue from the Stila Loves Roxy palette is a dupe, but I don't have Parisian Skies to check :(

  5. The first picture is so cool! Well done!

  6. I really like that shade. It's got enough blue in it to not be blah. So many gray shades can be ordinary. Thanks for the review xx

  7. I love your description. I really prize Parisian Skies because it is genuinely a unique shade that flatters almost all eye colors. Being that it's blue, I think this is quite the feat!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Lilladylife- I hope your P10P was successful! Welcome back =)

    Lexi - Oh good, I'm not the only one! I still haven't taken pictures though...

    Jamilla, Sarah, Alex, Jeanie, and Liz - thanks!!

    Jessica - Completely agreed. It's definitely unique and flattering!


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