Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sephora by OPI: The Garden of Good and Evil

          A dear friend of mine surprised me the other day with this cute miniset of Sephora by OPI's The Garden of Good and Evil nail polishes. (She knows I love my SOPI nail polish, hehe). I really loved the theme, the packaging, the promo shots, and the clever names in the Garden of Good and Evil collection, so I was really excited to try these out. If you look at the collection colors on Sephora.com, you can see beautiful but slightly sinister colors. The teals and lilacs remind me loosely of YSL's Jardin de Minuit makeup collection. I've swatched and reviewed all the colors below.

The four colors in the Garden of Good and Evil nail polish miniset include:

1) Completely fern-ished - looks like a split-pea soup initially. After more coats, it appears more like a fern green (see swatch). The formula is a bit thin and needs to be built up to three coats. However, it applies evenly and has a nice finish. This color is exclusive to the miniset.
2) Eve-y on the eyes - is a plummy purple with some purple shimmer. The formula was ok, but my least favorite formula of the bunch.
3) Tempted by Teal - is a bright blue-teal color packed with micro-shimmer. Normally something bright, shimmery, and blue would be too much for me to handle, but I actually like this. It's not duochrome, which makes it less intense than SOPI's Mermaid to Order. The formula is the best of the four. Sephora by OPI usually does microshimmer formulas very well. They apply easily and dry quickly.
4) Frankly, I don't give A-dam - This is my favorite of the bunch. I've been wanting a grey creme for a while. I have SOPI's Run with it, but it has some shimmer. I really like the light subtletly of this grey. The formula is a little thin like Completely fernished. However, three coats is more than enough.

          Overall I'm really glad I have this set. The grey is something I know I'll love, while the shimmery tea is an unexpected favorite as well. It's nice to have minis for colors that you're scared to try. Using this set has re-kindled my love for Sephora by OPI. I have a "little" laundry list of colors I want to pick up when the F&F sale happens.

          Thanks for reading! Have you tried any nail polish from the SOPI's Garden of Good and Evil? Or do you have any favorite SOPIs that should go on my list?

Love, Dovey.

P.S. Thank you, you-know-who-you-are! *HUG* I'm glad you got me this, because I've been banning myself from the SOPI nail polish rack on purpose. It's a dangerous place, hehe.


  1. Holy wow! I am in love with all of those colors! Every single one is eye catching! Great find!

  2. haha, thanks LauraJean!

  3. I think it was SOPI that put me on the nail polish obsession train. I started collecting those, then moved on to actual OPI, then Essie... and so on. I didn't pick up anything from this collection but the next one called Manhattan series looks very appealing/dangerous!

  4. Yummy colours! I am really impressed!

  5. I love the colors, lasting power, and names of SOPI but I wish they all didn't need three coats!

  6. I love the packaging! super pretty colours to
    Grace xx

  7. I love the packaging! super pretty colours to
    Grace xx

  8. Love all 4 shades! Will have to look into this set...

  9. Oooh Completely Fern-ished is beautiful and looks so nice against your skin tone!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Wow, I love the grey and the teal too! But of course I'd like the teal because it's shimmery XDD

    Yay :) :) :)

  11. these look amazing! I love that blue!

  12. Liz- me too. It's a gateway... hehe

    Sarah- some of the lighter colors are three coaters. Most of mine require 2, but maybe I'm laying it on thick =P

    Jamilla,Summer,Grace, and Alex - Thanks~! I'm glad you like them

    Jessica - thanks =) maybe I'll choose fern as my next pedi!

    ponyo - hehe, I know it! <3


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