Sunday, October 2, 2011


          Recently Cute and Mundane surpassed the two-hundred follower mark. It was a very happy moment for me during a busy time last month. Gosh, I can still remember my excitement at the twenty follower mark. Thank you to all my readers and fellow bloggers for your support, comments, links, tweets, and the time you take to read my blog. I'm so grateful and it really wouldn't be the same without you!

         Blogging is full of emotional ups and downs. Something that always puts things back into perspective is to read blogging advice entries written by fellow beauty bloggers. In the spirit of blogging and two-hundred followers, I thought I would post some of the things I've picked up along the way!

1. Don't sweat the # of followers. It's only a number and not a measure of you or your blog's quality.
2. Know your goal. What is most important to you? Followers, comments, page views, money earned, blogging friends, writing, quality, or something else? Once you prioritize what's most important to you, you can focus on getting there.
3. Know your strengths. What are you good at in real life? Personality? Writing? Organization? Chances are you can use those same skills on your blog.
4. Try new things. This can include a new type of post, a new blog layout, or trying out twitter for the first time (like moi). Variety is the spice of life!
5. Stay within your means. This refers to time and money. We all have different means. Don't put yourself into monetary or emotional debt over a blog. Expensive products and large numbers of entries do not a good blog make. Creativity and quality are much more valuable.
6. Treat your readers like people, and not numbers! They take time from their day to read your blog. It's nice to show you care. An easy way to do this is to respond to comments, if possible.

          Thanks for reading my celebratory entry! Do you have any perspective / advice you've learned as a blogger (or reader) over time?

Love, Dovey.

P.S. I've accumulated a few shiny new things that I'm excited to share over the coming days, including some LUSH goodies and a Bobbi Brown Holiday 2011 palette.

P.S.S. The strawberry lip gloss owl was a gift from a friend. Isn't it adorable?


  1. totally agree with all of this. Also would add to give yourself a break sometimes - VERY important, or else you'll just burn out.

    love the blog, think you're doing awesome :)

  2. Hi Suzanne, thanks for the comment! I agree. Breaks are so important! (In life as well).

  3. I want that gloss RIGHT NOW! THat is soooo adorable! Does it smell and taste as good as it looks like it should! LOL Congrats sweety! I needed to read this post! Gave me a little perspective to use for my own blog/life!

    <3 LJ

  4. Congrats!! Love that gloss - can't wait for the Bobbi Brown Holiday posts!

  5. Congrats on the 200 follower mark!! I agree with not bothering about followers although it's really hard sometimes. It's especially frustrating when you put in a lot of work in a post a barely half the people ever comment!

    Thanks for the tips!


  6. Congratulations! Well deserved.

    You make some excellent points, and I agree with them. I especially agree about the comment about taking breaks. And I wholeheartedly agree about knowing your goal, strengths and the willingness to try new things. My blog started out with niche brands, went to high end, and then got bored with that and started experimenting with more frugal purchases. I loves me some high end makeup, but I want a nice retirement, not a big old pile of makeup. ;)

    In just 6 short months that I have been blogging my entire attitude has changed. I used to think I needed a post a day to be read, but now I am more relaxed and get to it when I get to it. My blog is for me, and when it stops being fun, I'll stop.

    That said, followers are kind of important to me--at least in the sense that if no one were reading and commenting, there would be little point in the effort. And those of us who photograph and swatch know how time consuming that can be, especially if there's a long string of gloomy days and no good light. If no one were reading, I may as well just keep a private journal. Not all followers truly "follow," but the ones that do make all the time spent seem worth it.

    I love reading your blog and am confident your readership will only continue to increase as your excellent posts reach more people. Keep up the excellent work!


  7. Hi Dovey, Congratulations on 200!
    I really enjoyed these tips :) Followers are important because I really appreciate the nod to my efforts and love the interaction, but as you suggest I do make the blog for myself, and try to write the kinds of things I'd like to see from blogs I read.

  8. congratulations!!! you deserve all of them and more!

  9. Hey Dovey,
    I am so thankful that I have gained you as a fellow blogging buddy. I have learned a lot from you. I do try to keep my focus on other things like improving my photos and content.

    I'm still learning to be patient with myself and also I need to know when a break has been long enough, as I'm one of those folks that if I take too long of a break from blogging I'll never come back!

    Congrats again girlie, I'm just hoping to break the 100 follower spot.

  10. Congrats!! I echo all of Zuzu's comments wholeheartedly!

  11. Congratulations. Just recently found your blog and really enjoy reading it. x

  12. Well put, Dovey! Congratulations, your blog is truly lovely and a favorite of mine. Here's to another 200!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. *Yay* You reached 200+ followers!!! Congrats and I think you deserve more cuz your blog is fantastic! That owl lip balm is totally cute xx

  14. LauraJean- I'm glad you liked the post (and the owl). Btw, the strawberry lip gloss also smells and feels good too!

    Jamilla- me too. I love Bobbi

    Carla - things can only get better!

    Zuzu - thanks for that thoughtful comment! I've learned a lot from reading your posts and comments. I understand your point about followers. I think it's a critical part of blogging and we should care about it, and feel really good about having readers who comment. I think my point was more geared towards not letting the number of followers affect you in a negative way, and to keep up hope =)

    Sarah, Kelly, Perilously Pale, Amy and Bright town girl - thank you for your well wishes. They mean a lot to me =)

    Lexi- me too! *hugs* I agree about patience. Sometimes it's tough for me to just go with the flow! It's really been a learning process. We'll have a celebration when you reach 100!

  15. Jessica - thanks for the sweet message! You know I heart your blog too =)

  16. Congrats! I enjoyed reading your reflections and really relate to #1 and #5 :)

  17. Congrats girl!! I agree with eveythibg you said. I really think the most important thing is to do what feels right and stay true to yourself. I feel like my blog is a constant work in progress and that I am constantly learning through trial & error, but it is totally worth it !! I learned a lot about myself and met wonderful people :) I am sure many have similar experiences.
    Take care & keep up the good work !!

  18. Congrats, Dovey! I'm so glad I found your blog and wish I had done so sooner! Those are great advice. Here's to the next 200 posts! :)

    p.s. The owl lip balm is adorable! I love owls. :DDD


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