Saturday, November 12, 2011

In my makeup bag

         This Monday morning, I had quite the shock. Somehow I my alarm clock didn't wake me. (I suspect I accidentally pressed off). I woke up in the nick of time, took Baby Bird (the dog) out, fed her, and rushed to work like a madwoman. I literally threw my contacts and a tube of mascara in my bag and ran out the door. I thought I would be fine without makeup for one day, but I realized I looked pretty crazy when I looked in the mirror. Not to mention, I think the fluorescent light didn't do me any favors. At this point, I realized my carry-along cosmetic bag was not prepared for 'emergency' situations. Today I made do with a little lipstick, eyeliner (without primer, which of course creased) and mascara. For my eyebrows I made really, really light dots with my mini MUFE black eyeliner and sheered it out. Black is not natural, but it looked a lot better than nothing!  The whole look looked a lot better than no makeup, however foundation and eyeshadow were much needed. On the positive side, this experience inspired me to share what can be found in my carry-along makeup bag.

          Despite the aforementioned product deficiencies, I'm quite pleased with the lip product selection that's found it's way into my bag. The tone selection is quite balanced, so I'm usually in the mood for something in my bag. You can see that Bobbi Brown Beige lipstick, MAC Shy Girl lipstick (Cremesheen), and MAC Blankety lipstick (Amplified) cover nude, peachy, and pink tones respectively. They're all quite pale colors, but this is what I wear most of the time. I should probably throw a lip scrub into this bag since I have drying issues with MAC Shy Girl. I'm glad that I've been using MAC Blankety lately. When I first got it this summer, I couldn't make it work and even contemplated returning it. It's a pale beige-pink. The beige is a little cool, so it's not as easy to wear as typical warm beiges. I think it will easier to wear as I become fairer during the winter. Blankety is definitely a try-before-you-buy color. I also have BUXOM Big and healthy lip stick in Sydney, which I got as a part of a 500 point perk. I'm actually quite in love with it. It's a twist-up lip crayon that can be used as a lip color or a liner. It's fatter than lip pencils, so it can quickly fill in lips. It has the Buxom minty feel and vanilla smell, which I love. I use this a lot under MAC Blankety or under my NARS Greek Holiday lip gloss.

          Lately I've been stuffing all my carry-along cosmetics into the futuristic silver bag from my MAC ICe Parade set.  There are a couple more things hanging out in my pouch, including a mini brush, hair ties, and blotting sheets (that I never use). Today I switched to a larger pouch, so I can acommodate a larger hand lotion and some more 'emergency' products. At the very least, I need to pump a foundation into a little sample container and tote it around from now on. Lesson learned!

        Thanks for reading! Is your cosmetic bag prepared for makeup emergencies? How many lip products are you toting around?

Love, Dovey.


  1. Oh god that's like a nightmare. I've never had that happen *crosses fingers* but my makeup day is more prepared for an "I'm creating a bit of a makeup party break" than it is for practicality.

    Lesson learned. Perhaps I should be thinking about moving toward practicality myself ...
    ♥ Jessica

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  3. I usually don't carry a makeup bag in my purse because it makes my purse too heavy. However, I really should because there were a few times where I forgot to fill in my brows and that made my whole makeup-look look undone and awkward. -_-

  4. I try to keep a few products in my bag for when I'm on the go, but I also have a few things stored in my office in case I need them. I always get multitasking stuff so I can double them up and use them in different ways. I know black eyebrows is not natural but like you, it's better than nada :D At least you fed the dog and walked him!! LOL

  5. awwww we have all been there!!! ESP on Mondays!!!

    If im in a rush my bag is all i need. concealer, blot powder, carry on highlighter to use on my cheekbones, eyes or brow bone, cream blush ( bc it wont crack) and i only carry 2 lip products, some tinted spf lip balm and something red for night time!

    the bag DOES look so futuristic!

  6. I think my backpack only has lip balm (currently it's Fresh and two MAC tinted lip conditioners, lol!), hand cream, and a mirror. Hahaha. I'm not sure what I would do if I were late...probably just go bare-faced and make the best of it!

  7. Jessica - me too! This was the first time. I think as long as I place my clock further away, I should be good. I'm still putting the foundation in too.

    Joyce - I've recently learned that you can't underestimate the importance of brows too. Very good point.

    RD&L - thats smart--- I should also keep backups in my desk! After all, I do have a lot of makeup...

    J- you sound way more put together than I could ever be, lol!

    Larie- if you can pull it off, that's awesome!!

  8. I love to sleep in, so if I don't have a makeup bag packed, I'm totally screwed for the day. But sometimes I'll dump out a bunch of stuff from the travel bag and regret it the next day. As a result, I keep a rather sizeable stash of emergency makeup at work. :) Loved peeking in you bag, Dovey!

  9. Liz - I'm sleeper like you. I should learn from your example and stash at work! I have a really nice big drawer too. I just need to decide which palettes to keep there. It sounds so silly, but I'm always worried I'll have something at work that I'll need at home (which never is the case)

  10. Great post, but what a dreadful start for the day! I really like your selection of lipsticks. Like you, I only carry some lip products and a little powder, so I'm absolutely unprepared for emergencies!

  11. I only carry around a lip balm (which is Fresh lip treatment), a mini Benefit some kinda gorgeous, blotting paper, and a hand cream from Origins. Totally unprepared! lol

  12. Sympathies on having to rush out like that barefaced...which reminds me I should pop a tube of BB cream in the makeup bag I always tote around with me, in case I find myself in a similar situation. But I always have face blotters and a very moisturizing and glossy lipstick by Esprique (no lip balm needed; great all-in-one)!

  13. Oh my what a story! Although, I'm glad you survived. :P I don't mind running out of the house without makeup on, but I do prefer to have makeup on. ;)

    Great post & pictures. :)

  14. Ohhhh, Greek Holiday and Shy Girl are great ones to have on hand at all times!

  15. My nightmare is forgetting my makeup bag at home. I've done this a few times and it really irritates me. I keep an emergency makeup bag in my desk. I keep inexpensive gloss and lipstick in a pretty nude tone to get me through the day.

    I really like that makeup bag!

  16. Haha, Dovey! That's actually what happened all the time. My new plan is to keep duplicates of the things I like and use the most. Problem solved! (And an excuse to hoard more things we like... lol)

  17. Great post! I'm inspired to go through my stash and put together a nice little emergency beauty kit! Right now I just carry 2 lipsticks, a lipliner and a comb/mirror! :)

  18. Rocaille- I should add some powder too, come to think of it!

    Amy - that selection does sound chic, though :)

    Astrorainfall- agreed! BB cream would be the perfect thing to pack

    SMHL - You do have really nice skin :) Perhaps back in my younger days... hehe.

    Nahlina - yes! I love greek holiday. It works on anything.

    Lexi- This is why I never take it out of my bag! I know the same would happen to me!

    Liz- The duplicate idea is brilliant. Plus, usu duplicates tend to be favorites, right?

    Shannon - you're quite streamlined! I hope the stash shopping for your kit will be fun!

  19. Great idea about carrying a makeup bag around for emergency situations! I really like the products you chose, especially the lipsticks!

  20. Yikes! I would just show up late. Period. No one wants to see me au natural, even dashing through the door straight to the ladies room, hee. At least your lips will be gorgeous!


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